What can I use instead of a paperclip?

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Alternatives for Paper Clips & Staples

  • Binder Clips. Binder clips come in different sizes, each ideal for “thicker” stacks of paper which paper clips and staples cannot handle. …
  • Puncher and Paper Fastener. …
  • Rubber Bands. …
  • Slide Binders. …
  • No Binder Process.


What can I use instead of a SIM tool?

Using a paper clip, thumbtack, or a push pin

For those who don’t have a SIM tray ejector on hand, the humble paper clip is one of the best alternatives. Just bend one of its ends and you’re good to go! But make sure you use a paper clip thin enough to fit into the tray’s hole.

Is it OK to send paper clips in the mail?

Use tabs to seal tri-folded pieces and non-envelope mail. Avoid the use of paper clips and staples. This can cause damage to the mail piece during processing and at USPS. Separate international mail from domestic mail.

Where is the iPhone SIM eject tool?

But it’s fairly easy to find the location of SIM tray — you just have to look at the sides of your iPhone or iPad and locate a slim cutout with a single pin hole. This hole is where you insert the SIM ejector tool or metal paperclip as explained above.

How do you open iPhone sim tray with ejector pin?

How do you open iPhone 12 SIM card slot?

From the left-lower edge of the device, remove the SIM card tray. Utilize the SIM eject tool (or paperclip) to unlock the tray by inserting it into the slot. Ensure the gold contacts are facing the screen and the notch is located on the top. Once the tray is removed, lift the SIM card from the tray.

How do you open a SIM card slot without the tool?

A paper clip is one of the easiest and most common objects to use when you don’t have an ejector tool. Start with a small or medium-size paper clip. Unfold one straight side, so it’s sticking out. Stick the straight side of the paper clip into the SIM card ejector hole as far as it will go.

How do I remove a stuck SIM card tray?

How do you remove a SIM card tray? Procedure

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Find the small hole for the SIM card tray.
  3. Insert the SIM ejection tool that comes with the phone into the hole and push firmly but gently until the tray pops out.
  4. Remove the tray and the SIM card on it.
  5. Carefully re-position the tray in the slot and push it gently back into the phone.

Why are paper clips better than staples?

In favor of paper clips:

Cheaper because no need to buy a stapler. Avoids annoyance of a jammed stapler. Avoids foot picking up staple (ouch) that has fallen on floor. Good for bigger batches of papers—paper clips are available in much bigger sizes than staples.

How do I open my SIM tray with pin?

How do you use a staple free stapler?

The stapleless stapler punches a small hole in papers and tucks the punched-out tab under the bottom sheet to keep papers together. This paper fastener is made with convenience in mind. Small and compact, it allows handheld use and is great for kids or adults.

How are paperclips made?

The Manufacturing

The process begins with a huge spool of galvanized steel wire. A worker feeds the end of the wire into the paper clip machine. A finished paper clip has three bends. The machine forms the wire into these three bends by cutting it and passing it by three small wheels.

How does pinless stapler work?

How does a clinch stapler work? Outward Clinch

The stapling plate on most office staplers is reversible. This “pin” or “temporary” staple setting bends the staple legs outward, so you can pull it out with your fingers without ripping or tearing the paper.

What is a flat clinch stapler?

What is a clam clip?

Clam Clip System is a unique tool that fastens paper securely without the holes, tears or perforations your documents get from staples and paper clips. The large handheld dispenser clips up to 60 sheets of paper from any angle, and the stainless steel clips are removable and reusable.

Can you trade a paperclip for a house?

One red paperclip is a website created by Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald, who traded his way from a single red paperclip to a house in a series of fourteen online trades over the course of a year. MacDonald was inspired by the childhood game Bigger, Better.

How do you remove a clam clip?

Removing these clips is generally possible by pulling the clip off, most dispensers have a lip at the base to make pulling clips off easier.

Is a clam a shell?

Like oysters and mussels, clams are bivalves, a kind of mollusk that’s encased in a shell made of two valves, or hinging parts. And that shell comes in all different sizes. There are small clams, like these, which are often used for cooking.

What are general guidelines for sorting mail in the medical office?

Each letter or report is stamped with the receipt date and then alphabetized by the patient’s last name. The pages of each report should be stapled together, if they are not already that way. A letter or report containing patient information should be attached to the patient’s medical record with a paper clip.

Can I mail a pencil in an envelope?

Pens, pencils, key rings, bottle caps, and other similar odd-shaped items are not permitted in letter-size or flat-size paper envelopes unless they are wrapped within the other contents of the envelope to streamline the shape of the mailpiece and prevent damage during postal processing.

What does a paperclip next to an email mean?

A paperclip means the message has an attachment. A flag indicates you have flagged the message for follow up. A check indicates you have flagged a message as complete. An exclamation point indicates a message has been marked as high priority by the sender.

How do you open an iPhone SIM card slot with earrings?

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