How do you edit Borderlands 2 saves?

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Can Mac and Windows Play Borderlands 2 together?

The ‘Borderlands 2 Save File Editor’ by Gibbed lets you create new save files or modify existing save data in Borderlands 2.

Install on PC

  1. Download the latest version of the Borderlands 2 Save File Editor. …
  2. Open Gibbed’s.
  3. Click “Open”. …
  4. Navigate to your save folder. …
  5. Open your save and mod away.


Where is my Borderlands 2 Save File Mac?

Just like on the Windows edition of the game, inside the SaveData folder will be a folder named after your Steam ID , within which you can find your Borderlands 2 save files.


  1. Open up a Finder window.
  2. Press COMMAND + SHIFT + G.
  3. Paste the path into the text field and click Go.

How do you install Gibbed save editor in Borderlands 2?

Is Gibbed save Editor safe?

Thanks. Gibbed is fine. The game is over 6 years old. Probably millions of people have used Gibbed without having an issue.

How do you use Gibbed codes in Borderlands 2?

Find the item you’re looking for here and choose what skin, weapon, mod, or shield you desire. Copy the code for it. Now go back to the Editor, select the Backpack tab, and click “Paste Code”. The Gibbed item code you copied will now be added to your backpack.

How do you hex in Borderlands 2?

Hex Editing

  1. Go to BORDERLANDSGAME/Binaries/Win32 .
  2. BACK UP Borderlands2.exe or BorderlandsPreSequel.exe .
  3. Install a Hex Editor.
  4. Open Borderlands2.exe or BorderlandsPreSequel.exe in the Hex Editor.
  5. Click the dropdown menu Search and go to Replace.
  6. Set it to Hex Values .

How do you mod Blcmm Borderlands 2?


  1. Install the Unofficial Community Patch.
  2. Download Mods from Github.
  3. Save Mods at programfiles/steam/steamapps/commen/borderlands2/binaries/
  4. Run BLCMM.
  5. Setup Mods.
  6. Run Borderlands 2.
  7. In the main menu enable the console menu by pressing your preset key (F6 in the example).
  8. Type in:” exec Patch.

Can you max out all skill trees in Borderlands 2?

No, there are currently not enough skill points to max out all the skill trees. … These are the final skills at the bottom of a skill tree. You do need to focus on going down the tree in order to reach this. Therefore, you cannot max out a lot of different skills in each tree.

What is True Vault Hunter mode BL2? True Vault Hunter Mode, often abbreviated as TVHM, is a game mode available to players once the story of Borderlands 2 has been completed on Normal Mode. True Vault Hunter Mode is a mode whereby players can replay the campaign on a more difficult setting retaining all of their skills, Levels, XP, guns and equipment.

How do I import a save file to Borderlands 2?

From the platform that currently has the save file that you want to transfer:

  1. In the main menu of Borderlands 2 select the character you wish to transfer.
  2. Select the bottom option on the menu, “Cross-Save”
  3. While connected to the Sony Entertainment Network/PSN select “Upload Current Character”

How do you use Gibbed switch in Borderlands 2?

How to Transfer Borderlands 2 PC save to Switch

  1. Extract your switch save using Checkpoint or JKSV.
  2. Open your PC save in Gibbed, change the “platform” section to Switch.
  3. Place your newly created switch save into your extracted Switch save backup folder, next to the file “Save0001.sav”.

What is Blcmm?

Borderlands Community Mod Manager (BLCMM) is a mod management and authoring tool for Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel. It replaces the old “FilterTool” app, and for the most part it should feel very familiar to anyone who’s already used FilterTool.

What is the maximum level in Borderlands 2?

Level 72 is the maximum level without the “Fight for Sanctuary” DLC. With the DLC you get 8 more level. On top of that you get 10 OP Levels with digistruct peak.

How do I get to level 80 in Borderlands 2?

When you reach 73 the old gear will say OP7, decreasing in number with each new level until you reach 80, then it will just be level 80 gear. When you get to 80 you will get the OP levels back, but be warned, that if you start the game at OP8, your enemies will all be 88 or higher.

What are the best weapons in Borderlands 2? Borderlands 2: The 15 Best Legendary Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 Unkempt Harold. Among BL fandom, the double penetrating Harold is widely considered the pistol of all pistols in terms of sheer damage output.
  2. 2 Norfleet.
  3. 3 Lyuda.
  4. 4 Slagga.
  5. 5 Infinity.
  6. 6 Volcano.
  7. 7 Gub.
  8. 8 Deliverance.

How do I save as read only? Save as read only

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button. , and then click Save or Save As if you have previously saved the document.
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click General Options.
  4. Click the Read-only recommended check box.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Save the document.

How do you get the Rubi in Borderlands 2? Rubi is a unique pistol in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained from the mission Rakkaholics Anonymous located in The Dust, by giving the booze to Mad Moxxi.

Can you download Borderlands 2 on a Mac?

All available now as In-App Purchases. If your system does not meet these minimums, Borderlands 2 will NOT run on your Mac. Borderlands 2 does not support hard drive volumes formatted as Mac OS Extended (CaseSensitive). Borderlands 2 on the Mac App Store cannot play with Steam players.

How do you get the read only farm in Borderlands 2?

Right-click on the save file of your character currently in game, go to Properties, and check off “read-only”

Where do you get the grog nozzle?

The Grog Nozzle cannot be legitimately obtained as anything other than a mission item, with the exception of Grog Nozzles dropped during the 6th day of the 4th (final) week of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt (11/07/13), whereupon the Gold Golem in the Mines of Avarice would drop it as a reward.

What is the highest level in Borderlands 2?

The max level in the Borderlands 2 base game is 50, giving you 45 skill points to spend.

How do you use developer commands in Borderlands 2?

Can I transfer my Borderlands 2 character from PC to switch?

Borderlands 2 is not cross platform PC and switch.

Can you mod Borderlands 2 Xbox one?

Borderlands 2 does not have mods on Xbox One. The only way that players can alter or mess around with their gameplay experience on Xbox One is to import save files and load these up. However, this is still limited in terms of ‘modded’ content, and you won’t have any external assets to play around with this way.

Can you mod BL2? Released last week, it’s a work-in-progress overhaul mod for Borderlands 2, changing characters, gear, enemies and more. The mod team’s intent is to let players discover changes for themselves, keeping new weapons and reworked boss fights a surprise, though you can see some of them linked in the Nexus Mods page.

How do you save your farm in Borderlands 2?

Does Grog Nozzle level matter? The level of the Grog doesn’t matter much, as it is used for healing and not damage. It heals you for a fixed % of the damage you cause while holding it, so if you hold the Grog and Fastball something, instant full health.

What do I do with Miss moxxi’s Grog Nozzle?

How do you get the lady fist in Borderlands 2? Lady Fist is a unique aftermarket pistol manufactured by Hyperion. In Borderlands 2, it is obtained from the mission Uncle Teddy located in Arid Nexus – Badlands, provided that a blueprint of T.K’s Wave is given to Una Baha.

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