How do you count comments on Instagram?

by Maria Feer

To track your comments, select the “My Photos” button from the stream options (it looks like a business card). This will list all of your posts in the stream so that you can see the comments and likes for each one. To update the stream, hit the refresh button and new comments will populate..

How many comments are allowed on Instagram?

Instagram Like and Comment Limits

According to Instagram, you can only like 60 photos in an hour. You can also leave 60 comments on photos or videos. You can have 60 relationships per hour – so that’s a total of follow and unfollow actions combined.

Who commented the most on my Instagram post?

The Most Commented Post On Instagram

Rank Posts Comments
1. Alexandros Kopsialis 43.8 Million
2. XXXTentacion 10.4 Million
3. Sidhu Moose Wala 5.3 Million
4. Asorloth 3.5 Million

• Jan 13, 2022

How can you tell who commented first on Instagram?

You can see it on the top-right side of the page, next to the “Newest to Oldest” text. Tapping on it should bring up a list of options. Tap on “Sort by”. It’s the first option.

What’s the second most liked picture on Instagram?

Top 20 posts

Rank Account name Post description
1 @world_record_egg Photo of an egg
2 @cristiano @georginagio Their twins pregnancy announcement
3 @xxxtentacion Final post before his death
4 @arianagrande Photos from her wedding with Dalton Gomez

What are the most popular Instagram hashtags?

Top instagram hashtags

  • #love (1.835B)
  • #instagood (1.150B)
  • #fashion (812.7M)
  • #photooftheday (797.3M)
  • #beautiful (661.0M)
  • #art (649.9M)
  • #photography (583.1M)
  • #happy (578.8M)

Which is the highest liked reel on Instagram?

Most Liked Instagram Reels

S. No. Video Likes
1. 3 years of Stormi 11.6 Million
2. Summer is coming 10.7 Million
3. Chill, please! I’m relaxing 10.6 Million
4. Lol! Open the door this way 10.2 Million

• Apr 6, 2022

Does deleting Instagram delete comments?

Deleting your Instagram, on the other hand, totally deletes your information. Your profile, photos, comments, and likes will disappear permanently, and your account cannot be reactivated.

Does deleting an Instagram comment delete the replies? Does the comment thread disappear from Instagram if I delete the first comment? Yes, deleting the first comment on an Instagram thread will also delete the thread.

Does Instagram keep track of comments?

The Instagram data of your profile not only includes the comments that you have made but also contains information such as your past messages, settings, posts you have liked, profile info, photos, videos, and archived Stories.

What is most liked picture on Instagram?

1. An egg. This picture of an egg cracked Kylie Jenner’s Instagram record by a long shot, with over 55 million likes at the time of writing. The world_record_egg account began a campaign to set the world record for the most liked post on Instagram, and it was an invitation people just couldn’t turn down.

Who has the most viewed Instagram video?

Nevertheless, the Spanish actress Ester Expósito took her place in 2020 with a video of herself dancing reggaeton during the lockdown. This video turned out to be the most viewed video on Instagram ever with more than 93 million views until now.

How do you delete all comments you’ve made on Instagram?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone

  1. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap Your activity.
  3. Tap Interactions, then tap Comments.
  4. Tap Select in the top right, then tap next to the comments you’d like to delete.
  5. Tap Delete at bottom to delete your comments.

Can I delete Instagram comments?

Tap below the post. Tap the comment you’d like to delete. Tap Delete Comment. You can also delete multiple comments you’ve made on Instagram posts.

Why are there less comments than stated on Instagram? It’s only comments removed by moderators or by the spam filter which are counted – because they’re only hidden, as you say.

Why are some comments hidden on Instagram? Instagram will automatically hide some comments as part of an attempt to stop bullying. The app will remove specific comments from view if they look like the kind of messages that have been reported in the past. Users will still be able to see the comments, if they click a specific button asking to do so.

Can someone hide their comments on Instagram? Instagram quietly rolled out a new feature in 2019 that allows users to hide comments from certain users without them even knowing. This is a way to protect yourself from cyberbullying but is also useful for hiding strange comments from well-meaning fans.

What is the most number of comments on an Instagram post?

The Most Commented Post On Instagram

Rank Posts Comments
1. Alexander Kopsialis 43.5 Million
2. Bizarrap and Paulolondra 14.3 million
3. XXXTentacion 11.14 Million
4. Andrea Stramaccioni 10 Million

• Apr 25, 2022

Why can’t I see all comments on Instagram?

If you see the Instagram message that comments on this post have been If you cannot see all the comments on Instagram, or you see the numbers but no comments, can be because the person has already deleted the comments, Instagram is only showing the top comments on posts, and you should tap on the comment bar to see the

How do you see hidden comments on Instagram?

Tap View hidden comments below your post. Scroll to the end of your comments and tap View hidden comments. Tap the comment you want to view, then tap Unhide.

Which Indian has most followers on Instagram?

These Are The 15 Most Followed Indians on Instagram

  1. Virat Kohli – 178 Million followers.
  2. Priyanka Chopra – 72.6 million followers.
  3. Shraddha Kapoor – 68.6 million followers.
  4. Neha Kakkar – 67 million followers.
  5. Narendra Modi – 64.7 million followers.
  6. Deepika Padukone – 63.6 million followers.

Who posted the egg picture on Instagram?

Agencies When ‘world_record_egg’ had posted the hen egg photo three years back, reality star and businesswoman Kylie Jenner was the owner of most liked Instagram photo. A photo of a hen egg is the enigma that no Instagram content creator could decipher in the past three years.

Who has the fastest likes on Instagram?

Jungkook broke the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Instagram post to reach 1M likes, previously held by Juilette Freire from Brazil, who took 3 minutes.

What was the first ever Instagram post?

The first Instagram post was a photo of South Beach Harbor at Pier 38, posted by Mike Krieger at 5:26 PM on July 16, 2010. Systrom shared his first post, a picture of a dog and his girlfriend’s foot, a few hours later at 9:24 PM.

What is the most liked picture on Instagram 2021? The most popular Instagram posts of 2021 have been revealed. Claiming the number one spot with a staggering 32 million likes is Cristiano Ronaldo with his post announcing that he and girlfriend model Georgina Rodriguez are expecting twins.

Why does Instagram delete my comments?

How to Unsave Instagram Posts? Comments on Instagram are deleted for various reasons. Some people may delete comments because they don’t like the comment or the person who left it. Other people may delete comments because they’ve already responded to the comment and don’t want to see it again.

Will someone know if I delete their comment on Instagram? Instagram does not send out a notification when you delete a person’s comment on your post. However, nothing is preventing them from revisiting the post and noticing that their comment has been removed.

Can you delete your own comment on Instagram?

On the Comments summary page, find your comment and swipe to the left, revealing a red trash can icon. Tap the red trash can icon to delete your comment.

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