How do I sell on gaijin market?

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What is War Thunder age rating?

You can sell an item from the Market’s inventory, by clicking the following button. Click SELL in the appeared window. A new window will appear, where you can choose the item’s price (1), and see the amount you will receive (2), after fees charged..

Can I transfer my War Thunder account from Xbox to PC?

It is possible to transfer your Xbox account to PC version of the game. As a result of this procedure, you will have 2 separate accounts – original one that you can still use from the console (but can’t use in PC version anymore), and another fully fledged PC-account with no restrictions for using Gaijin Store etc.

How do you get Golden Eagles in War Thunder?

Golden eagles can be obtained both by purchasing them for real money and during promotional events, for winning places in contests or tournaments.

Is War Thunder pay to win?

War Thunder. You don’t “buy” the best planes, so it comes across that it’s not actually pay to win. However if you don’t buy golden eagles you can not convert XP. The game is just a hugeeee grind if you don’t buy lions, research just takes forever and aquiring new planes is just a chore.

How many GB is War Thunder on Xbox?

How many gigabytes are in War Thunder?

Platform File size
Microsoft Windows <12 GB
Mac OS <12 GB
Playstation 4 8 GB
Xbox One 31 GB

Aug 7, 2020

Can you cheat in War Thunder?

We don’t allow cheats, on top of specific game design preventing the most common cheats, we have both an automated detection system and a replay report system checked by humans and we ban every single player caught. after 9k RB battle i havent seen anything iregular, some shity RNG bounce i do see often but thats it.

Is War Thunder f2p friendly?

Yes – +10%. All in all, War Thunder seems to be absolutely fair and utterly playable without spending real-world money.

Is War Thunder 2021 worth playing?

Is War Thunder Worth Playing? The Verdict – All in all War Thunder is a completely different beast from the game first launched in 2012. If you’re been sleeping on the game for a while, or maybe you’re a lapsed player who hasn’t played in a few years, it still comes highly recommended in 2021.

What age rating is War Thunder? This game has been rated PEGI 12 due to occasional scenes of mild violence. Not suitable for persons below 12 years of age.

Can I buy Golden Eagles with Gaijin Coins?

We’re happy to provide you with the long-requested ability to purchase vehicle packs and Golden Eagles as a gifts for your friends. To do this, please login to Gaijin.Net Store and click the appropriate link in item description. … You should have a purchase history of 180 days or more.

How do I delete my War Thunder account?

How do I delete my war Thunder account?

  1. go to your account settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the “Delete Profile” button and follow the instructions.

How much is 1000 Golden Eagles War Thunder?

Cost Per Golden Eagle in USD from Store
Golden Eagles Cost ($) Item Cost (Eagles Per $1)
1,000 $5.99 166.9449082
2,500 $13.99 178.6990708
5,000 $24.99 200.080032

• Dec 31, 2017

How much is a golden eagle?

Buy the American Eagle 1 oz Gold Coin

Each Golden Eagle Value is based on its gold content, but it also carries a legal tender value of $50 US (1 oz), $25 US (1/2 oz), $10 US (1/4 oz) and $5 US (1/10 oz).

Is War Thunder worth playing?

With a steady flow of new content, a flourishing player base and plenty more to do this is a fantastic game to play, be it something to do whilst you wait for the next 2500GB Call of Duty update to install or something to really sink your teeth into every day. War Thunder has something for everybody and all occasions.

Who is Gaijin net? Gaijin Entertainment is a Hungarian video game developer and publisher established in 2002 and now headquartered in Budapest.

Gaijin Entertainment.

Type Privately held company
Founded 2002
Headquarters Budapest, Hungary
Key people Anton Yudintsev (Founder)
Products Video games

How do I block someone on Gaijin? Simply click the “Suspend profile” link in your account. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation letter to your e-mail to delete(suspend) the account with a personalized instruction on how to do so. Now, follow those instructions for your account to be suspended.

How do I start over in War Thunder? But, what you can do is set up another War Thunder/ account so you can play it as a different person, therefore you will have a new game data and everything will have been restarted.

Who owns Gaijin Entertainment?

Anton Yudintsev is the Owner at Gaijin Entertainment .

How do you buy a GE gun?

Go to the store where you can buy Golden Eagles. Click on Buy, then there should be an option for more payment options. Click on it. The gaijin logo should be there and that’s where you go to pay with GJN.

Is Gaijin games Russian?

Gaijin Entertainment is the largest independent video game developer in Russia. Founded in 2002, Gaijin Entertainment employs more than 100 people, consisting of industry thought leaders and highly qualified specialists.

Is War Thunder a Russian game?

Gaijin Entertainment is a Hungarian video game developer and publisher established in 2002 and now headquartered in Budapest. The company is mostly known for War Thunder, Crossout, Star Conflict, CRSED: F.O.A.D.

Why is Gaijin called Gaijin?

“Two things, Gaijin – in Japanese means of Japanese origins but born outside of the national borders, in simple terms, natural foreigner.” He asked some of the Gaijin staff why they chose that name and none of them knew why, our best guess is that they simply liked the name.

How do you get free Golden Lions in War Thunder?

How do you get crowns in War Thunder?

Required materials appear in the menu “Workshop → Export Order” after each battle. In the “Export Order” crafting event you assemble Export models and deliver them to the customers to receive Crowns. Achieved Crowns can be used to purchase exclusive combat vehicles.

How do you get wagers in War Thunder? Wager completion example:

We see the Wager’s fulfillment conditions in its description: we must destroy 5 enemy tanks or airplanes in a single battle on each stage. We can only use III-IV rank vehicles to complete this Wager, and the missions must be completed in random battles.

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