How do I remove my credit card info from Hulu?

by Alexis M.
Where is the account page on Hulu?

How to Remove Credit Card Information from Hulu

  1. Login to your Hulu Account page, which you can access from a web browser or the Hulu app on your mobile device or smart TV.
  2. Select the Payment Information section.
  3. Delete the information provided and save changes.


Is the Hulu free trial really free?

During your free trial period, you’ll get the full Hulu experience of your choosing, just like any other paid subscriber would. In order to start streaming, you’ll need to sign up first. We do require payment details upfront, but you won’t be charged until the end of your trial period.

How do I cancel my Hulu subscription on iPhone?

How to cancel Hulu on an iPhone

  1. Tap on your name to go to your Apple ID page. Grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider.
  2. Tap “Subscriptions” on your Apple ID page. Grace Eliza Goodwin/Business Insider.
  3. Select your Hulu subscription. William Antonelli/Business Insider.
  4. Tap “Cancel Subscription” or “Cancel Free Trial.”

Is Hulu free with Amazon Prime?

No, Hulu does not come with Amazon Prime. You will have to purchase Hulu separately to access the on-demand library of movies and shows.

Can you cancel a subscription before free trial ends?

Usually, you have to give your credit card number for a “free trial.” That way, the company can charge you if you don’t cancel before the trial period ends. Dishonest businesses make it tough to cancel, and will keep charging you — even if you don’t want the product or subscription anymore.

How long is free trial with Hulu?

In short, yes! There are two options: sign up for the free 30-day free trial with Hulu ad-supported plan, or the Hulu no ads plan. Both options will give you full access to the huge streaming library of films and TV shows for 30 days.

How do I cancel my 30-day free trial?

How do I not get charged after free trial?

Here’s how to save money and avoid getting charged after signing up for a free trial ever again:

  1. Cancel payment and still enjoy the freebie.
  2. Set a reminder for the day before.
  3. Use a Mastercard for certain kinds of trials.
  4. Go virtual.
  5. Pick up the phone.

Does Hulu still have 30-day free trial? Get a 30-day free trial of our ad-free plan and enjoy our streaming library without interruptions. Just $12.99/month after. Cancel anytime.

Can I cancel my Hulu subscription at any time?

You can set the length of time you’d like to pause your account, or you can choose “continue to cancel.” To finish the cancellation, select the reason why you are canceling the account. Click “continue to cancel.” You will have access to your Hulu account until the end of your billing period.

Why was I charged for Hulu free trial?

Avoid Being Charged after The Free-Trial

When you sign up for a free trial, your account will be assigned a “billing date.” That is the date your Hulu subscription will renew, and you will be charged for your first month of service.

How much does Hulu cost per year?

Hulu offers the following plans for you to choose from: Hulu: Our ad-supported plan costs just $6.99/month (or $69.99/year) and gives you access to our ad-supported streaming library. Hulu (No Ads)*: For $12.99/month you can watch most of those same shows and movies without the ad breaks.

Will I get my money back if I cancel Hulu?

Hulu does not issue refunds for canceled memberships. When you decide to cancel your account, you will not receive a refund. The service will last until the day of the renewal but will then be terminated.

Does Hulu have a 30-day free trial?

In short, yes! There are two options: sign up for the free 30-day free trial with Hulu ad-supported plan, or the Hulu no ads plan. Both options will give you full access to the huge streaming library of films and TV shows for 30 days.

What does the 5.99 Hulu plan include? For only $5.99 per month, Hulu provides on-demand access to full seasons of select TV shows, hit movies, and Hulu originals. Hulu also includes FX on Hulu, showing exclusive shows and TV shows airing on FX the very next day.

Is Hulu better than Netflix? Compare Netflix vs.

Hulu is the clear winner when it comes to price. With its cheapest plan clocking in a full $3/mo. less than Netflix, there’s no denying its affordability. Better yet, Hulu still offers a free trial that runs for a full month.

Is Hulu giving a free year subscription? Is there a free trial? Yes, you get a one month free trial, if eligible, with an annual subscription. If you cancel before your free trial ends, you will not be charged the annual subscription fee.

Why did Hulu Charge me $1?

If you recently signed up for Hulu, or you’re a current subscriber and added a new form of payment to your account, you may see an authorization hold that appears as a pending transaction on your statement. Holds are typically for $1, but you may see other amounts.

What happens if I pause my Hulu subscription?

Temporarily pausing your subscription is a great option if you know you won’t be using your account for a little while (like a summer vacation, business trip, etc.). * When you pause your subscription, it takes effect on the first day of your next billing cycle.

Why did Hulu Charge $30?

If you’re seeing charges other than the monthly recurring fees associated to your subscription, it may be because you made changes to your plan or you updated the payment information on file. Other factors that can contribute to a change in your monthly total are taxes and bank fees.

Why did Hulu Charge me $70?

Beginning December 21st, Hulu with Live TV’s monthly subscription cost will jump from its current price of $65 per month to $70 per month for its ad-supported tier. Its ad-free live TV package, meanwhile, will jump from $71 per month to $76 per month when the change goes into effect.

How do you cancel subscriptions on iPhone?

How to cancel a subscription on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
  4. Tap the subscription that you want to manage. Don’t see the subscription that you’re looking for?
  5. Tap Cancel Subscription.

How much is Hulu Plus with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime membership costs $99 per year (or about $8.25 per month), but also includes unlimited, free two-day shipping on many items. You also get access to the company’s growing selection of streaming TV shows and movies. Hulu Plus costs $7.99 per month or $95.88 per year.

How much is Hulu with Amazon?

Start enjoying thousands of shows and movies, from current episodes and groundbreaking originals to kids shows and hit movies. Stream with limited ads on your favorite devices. Offer valid for 6 months of Hulu (ad-supported plan) for $2.99/month with purchase of qualifying Amazon Fire device.

Is Hulu free with Netflix? Hulu and Netflix have been around for ages, and in that time they’ve both earned pretty obvious reputations — which is why they’re two of the best streaming services.

Netflix vs Hulu: At a glance.

Netflix Hulu
Simultaneous streams 1 with Basic, 2 with Standard, 4 with Premium 2
Downloads Yes Only with ad-free Hulu

• Aug 20, 2021

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