How do I get my TikTok unbanned?

by Maria Feer

Tap Submit an appeal.

  1. Go to the video.
  2. Tap Community Guidelines violation: See details.
  3. Tap Submit an appeal.
  4. Follow the instructions provided.


Is a TikTok ban permanent?

TikTok permanent ban is the most serious ban by TikTok as it would stop you from using your account forever. If you have broken its guidelines numerous times or others report you a lot, you might be permanently banned from tiktok.

How long is a temporary ban on TikTok?

Temporary ban: We may suspend your account’s ability to upload a video, comment, or edit your profile for a period of time (typically between 24 or 48 hours), depending on the severity of the violation and previous violations.

How do I get my TikTok account back?

How to recover a deactivated TikTok account

  1. Open the TikTok app on your phone.
  2. Tap the profile icon, and it will take you to the “log in” screen.
  3. Tap the “already have an account?” option.
  4. Tap “use phone/email/username” next.
  5. The “reactivate” option will appear now.

Do TikTok violations go away?

The platforms are quite strict with their community guidelines and never hesitate to permanently ban someone who violates them. TikTok is one of the platforms that take firm action against certain community violations and they are never afraid to temporarily or permanently ban a user who is in violation.

What does permanently banned mean on TikTok?

TikTok permanently bans accounts chiefly because of TOS violations. This means you should use the email that directly represents the support team. We highly recommend sending a copy of your email to every mentioned email address. This will increase your chances of getting noticed and even solve your case.

How can I appeal my TikTok permanent ban?

Tap on the notification you received about your account and click “Appeal.” Follow the instructions to file the appeal and wait to see if your account is reinstated. Unfortunately, if TikTok does not approve your appeal, there is little you can do to reinstate your account, as account bans are typically permanent.

Is my TikTok account is shadow ban?

The TikTok app doesn’t ever actually tell if you are shadowbanned. But, if you are then you can probably notice it. If you are shadowbanned, your videos will neither show up on the TikTok “For You” page nor will they appear when you search them via hashtag.

How do I contact TikTok directly? General addresses:

  1. To report a problem: or
  2. For general feedback:
  3. For advertisement related queries:
  4. For advertisement complaints:
  5. For press inquiries:
  6. Japan:

What gets you banned on TikTok?

TikTok has a strict policy on what it will not tolerate on the platform. This includes content that promotes bullying, drugs, alcohol, nudity, or any form of sexual content. Repeated violations of any of these rules can result in you getting banned from the platform.

How long does a TikTok live ban last?

This ban is not indefinite. You will be advised as to how long your ban will be, which can range from one day to two weeks. If you have been banned for the time being, your app will show a ‘Livestream Restrictions’ part that will confirm how many days you have been banned for.

Can I use TikTok after ban?

Even if you live in a country that has banned TikTok, you can still download TikTok in India. There are three ways to do so: By changing your App Store Location Settings on your iOS device. Sideloading the APK file on your Android device.

How long does it take to get my TikTok account back?

If your account has been temporarily suspended, you will receive an email from TikTok. In this scenario, you can either wait for 24 to 48 hours (wait till the account gets restored) or contact TikTok customer support and inform them about the issue.

How long do TikTok reports take?

If a person provides 10 reports, it usually takes less than 24 hours to process. However, sometimes the processing may last up to 2-3 days. How do you get someone’s TikTok taken down? When you see an offensive video, click the “Report” button on their menu.

How long is shadow ban on TikTok? Nowadays, a TikTok account is shadowbanned for approximately up to 2 weeks. Within the first week, there will be a drop in your followers and so will the views. After a few days of the account shadowban being in place, you won’t be able to enter any tags or make new videos on TikTok unless they are public.

What happens if you get reported on TikTok? If the video is found in violation of the Community Guidelines, it’ll be removed and the user will receive a strike against their account. If they receive too many strikes, their account will be suspended.

Why did my TikTok account get banned for no reason? Why did my TikTok account get banned for no reason? The chances are that you did something that directly violates the TikTok guidelines if your account got suspended. For instance, the content you post may be reported as inappropriate, or you were discovered to be using illegitimate apps to gain bot followers.

How long do you have to wait to get unbanned from TikTok?

After that, you’ll need to wait for TikTok’s response. It usually takes them something between 1 to 5 days to write a reply.

Why did TikTok log me out?

TikTok may log a user out if someone else is trying to remove an active device from the app settings. If you have not authorized this action, your account may have been hacked. Please change the password of your account immediately.

How do you see who reported you on TikTok?

How do you find out who reported you on TikTok? A user can find who reported them on TikTok using the app’s reporting function. When a user clicks “Report” they are taken to the report page which lists all the offenders of that user, with their username or number listed next to it.

How can I get my TikTok account unbanned 2021?

How long does TikTok appeal take?

It appears that most appeals are resolved within 3 days or so, with many happening in 24 hours or less. However, other TikTok users have reported that they have had appeals take as long as week, while others didn’t seem to have their appeal looked at even after waiting months.

How do I download TikTok after ban Iphone?

Conclusion. It’s possible to access TikTok, even if you live in a country that has decided to ban the app. You could download the app through an APK file or change your iOS App Store settings. Another option is to use a VPN to change your location so you can access the app on your device.

How much is TikTok worth?

Valuations of TikTok in 2020 put it at $50 billion. There are some experts out there that claim this figure to be higher than this in 2022 and believe that it is sitting at $75 billion. So, the bottom line with TikTok’s net worth is that it is at least $50 billion, and up to $75 billion.

Who is the owner of the TikTok? Zhang Yiming, the founder of TikTok owner ByteDance, has topped the rankings of China’s richest billionaires under 40, Shanghai-based Hurun Research Institute said on Friday.

What are TikTok violations?

TikTok rolled out technology in July that automatically removes content that violates its policies on minor safety, adult nudity and sexual activities, violent and graphic content, and illegal activities.

Does TikTok respond to emails? While there’s no guarantee you’ll get a response, you can send an email to TikTok. TikTok no longer lists most of their contact email addresses on their website, but some addresses do appear on their Facebook and Twitter account profiles, as well as on the Creator Marketplace website.

How do you contact TikTok directly?

General addresses:

  1. To report a problem: or
  2. For general feedback:
  3. For advertisement related queries:
  4. For advertisement complaints:
  5. For press inquiries:
  6. Japan:

How long does TikTok take to review? In most cases, TikTok will review your video in 48 hours and let you know whether it has been approved or taken down for violating the community guidelines.

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