How do I delete items from my YouTube library?

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How do I delete items from my YouTube library?

Go to the Library tab . Select Watch later . Tap More next to the video you’d like to remove. Tap Remove from Watch later..

How do you delete multiple playlists on YouTube?

To delete multiple videos or video drafts at the same time:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Content.
  3. Check the boxes next to the videos you’d like to delete.
  4. Select More actions. Delete forever.
  5. Check the box to acknowledge that your video will be permanently deleted.

Why do I keep getting this video is not available on YouTube?

This is because Youtube adjusts the resolution based on the internet speed. Low resolution causes low video quality. If the video you want to watch was recorded in a low resolution (such as 240p or 360p), it won’t be available in high resolution (such as 720p or 1080p). So check your current resolution on Youtube.

How do I find unavailable playlists on YouTube?

What does it mean when a YouTube video is unavailable?

You may not have permission to view the video in your current country, or it may have been blocked from being played on mobile devices or other platforms outside the desktop browser. If one of your videos has been claimed by a copyright owner, then the copyright owner may have put these restrictions in place.

How do you know if you’re blocked on YouTube?

there is no direct way to know if you have been blocked by a YouTuber. Not seeing your comments appear on their videos when you are signed out from your account is consistent with having been hidden by that YouTuber from their channel, but there are other reasons why your comments may not appear.

How do I change the playlist order on YouTube app?

Can you reorder YouTube playlists?

Playlists on YouTube are highly flexible, meaning that you can add, remove, or reorder videos at any time, as well as change the playlist’s title and description.

How do you rename a playlist? Right-click the name of the playlist and select Rename. Type in the new name for the playlist and click the Enter key on your keyboard.

How do I delete unavailable Playlists on YouTube?

To fix the YouTube “Unavailable videos are hidden” error, users should:

  1. Go to the playlist where the message is popping up.
  2. Click the three dots to open up the extended menu. This should work on all devices.
  3. Select “Show unavailable videos.
  4. The videos will now appear.

Where is the Edit playlist button on YouTube?

Edit a playlist title or description

Go to the Library tab in the YouTube app. Select the playlist you’d like to edit. Select Edit .

Why can’t I edit playlists in YouTube?

How do you delete playlists on YouTube on Android?

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  1. Open YouTube.
  2. Tap Library.
  3. Tap a playlist.
  4. Tap the “⋮” icon on the top-right.
  5. Tap Delete playlist.
  6. Tap OK.

How do I edit a playlist on my Iphone?

1) Access the playlist you want to edit in the Music app by tapping Playlists on the Library tab. 2) Select the playlist you want to change and tap Edit on the top right. 3) Once in the Edit area, you can tap to Add Music, tap a minus sign to remove a song, or hold and drag songs to different locations on the list.

Can you reorder YouTube videos? To reorder the videos in your list, hover over the video and select and hold Options (three dots). Click and drag the video to where you want it on the list. Select Options to edit the video’s title and description, get a shareable link, or download or delete the video.

How do you delete a playlist on YouTube App iPhone?

How do you delete Playlists on YouTube on a tablet? Delete a playlist

  1. Go to the Library tab .
  2. Tap the playlist that you want to delete under the ‘Playlists’ section.
  3. Tap More on the playlist.
  4. Tap Delete playlist.
  5. Tap DELETE.

How do I edit my YouTube playlist?

From your computer, select a playlist from your Guide . Click Edit , then click your playlist title or description and edit it as needed. Click Done.

What YouTube channel grows the fastest?

1. Product Reviews. Unsurprisingly, product reviews are at the top of our list. The #1 most watched video type on Youtube, product reviews can attract a lot of new subscribers who otherwise might not have found your channel.

How do I watch a deleted YouTube video?

One of the easiest ways to watch deleted YouTube videos would be to access the Wayback Machine .

Using Wayback Machine –

  1. Find the URL/link of the deleted YouTube video.
  2. Tap on the deleted video listing.
  3. Paste the URL and search.
  4. Watch the deleted video now.

Is YouTube currently down?

Youtube problems in the last 24 hours

At the moment, we haven’t detected any problems at Youtube.

How do I delete deleted videos from my liked videos on YouTube?

Simply access your liked videos on your YouTube app on your phone. Then click the [ ] on top right and select remove from liked videos.

Why are my videos hidden on YouTube?

You may see the message, “Your YouTube channel has content but has been disabled” in your Content page. If so, your channel is hidden and your videos and other content are currently not viewable to others. This status may have happened because you chose to hide your channel through Google Account settings.

How do you find deleted videos on YouTube?

One of the easiest ways to watch deleted YouTube videos would be to access the Wayback Machine .

Using Wayback Machine –

  1. Find the URL/link of the deleted YouTube video.
  2. Tap on the deleted video listing.
  3. Paste the URL and search.
  4. Watch the deleted video now.

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