How do I delete a subaccount in Twilio?

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Who is using Twilio?

Twilio will release all phone numbers assigned to it.

Steps to Close A Subaccount with the API Explorer:

  1. Visit the “Identity and Access Management ” section of Twilio’s API Explorer, and then select Modify an Account.
  2. Choose the correct Account SID for the subaccount.
  3. Set the “Status” to Closed.
  4. Click Make Request.


How do I delete my Twilio number?

Login to the Twilio Console and select a subaccount by clicking the “View Subaccount” button next to the subaccount listed on your Subaccount Page. Then navigate to the Numbers tab and click the phone number(s) you wish to delete.

What is a Twilio subaccount?

Subaccounts in Twilio are accounts that are “owned” by your main account. Using a subaccount, you can segment each of your customers’ use of Twilio and keep it separate from all the rest. This will allow you to easily manage the activity and resources of each customer independently.

How do I create a Twilio subaccount?

Twilio users can create subaccounts to help separate Twilio account usage into different buckets.

Create a new subaccount from Console

  1. Access the Subaccounts page in Console.
  2. Click Create new Subaccount, or the. icon.
  3. Enter the desired subaccount name, and then click Create.

What is Twilio studio?

Twilio Studio is a powerful visual editor for building, editing, and managing communication workflows. The Studio Canvas is the visual flow editor and is accessible through the Console. You can use Studio to craft everything from order notifications, to conversational IVRs, to survey tools and SMS-enabled chatbots.

How do you create a Subance Binance?

How to apply for a Managed Sub-account? Managed Sub-accounts are exclusive for VIP users. If you want to apply the Asset Managed Sub-account function, please contact your account manager or email to

How do I set up subaccounts?

To create a new subaccount:

  1. From the account level of Campaign Manager 360, go to Admin > Subaccounts.
  2. On the Subaccounts page, click New.
  3. Enter a subaccount name.
  4. Change the available permissions as necessary.
  5. Click Save.

How do I get my Twilio auth token?

Access the Account -> API keys and tokens page in Console. Scroll down to the “Auth Tokens” section, and then click Request a Secondary Token. In the pop-up dialog, click Request Token. Click the Eye icon to view your new secondary token, and use it to update your existing Twilio applications.

What is Twilio used for? Twilio Frontline is a programmable mobile application that enables digital relationships over messaging and voice to improve sales efficiency and outcomes. Integrate the app with any CRM or customer database and start building meaningful relationships with customers.

Why Twilio account is suspended?

When your project balance reaches zero, your account will become suspended. While suspended, you will no longer be able to make and receive phone calls or send and receive SMS messages.

What is Twilio project?

Twilio Accounts (sometimes referred to as “projects” are separate accounts with their own resources and account balance. Many customers use multiple accounts for building out different use cases, segregating data for different development lifecycle phases, or when they need to control user access.

How many subaccounts can you have in Twilio?

Subaccounts share the same balance with a project, but have their own usage and resources. All of your project users have access to your subaccounts. By default an upgraded project can only have 1000 subaccounts, a trial project can have only a single subaccount. Closed subaccounts do not count towards this limit.

How do I create a new project in Twilio?

Create a new account

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the Account drop-down menu to the right of your account name.
  3. Select View all accounts, or click on the Twilio logo to to access the Accounts Summary.
  4. Click the Create New Account button to start the account creation flow.

What is Twilio messaging service?

Messaging Services is a free Twilio feature designed to make it easier to send messages at-scale, as well as across multiple countries. In short, a Messaging Service is a container for multiple Twilio message senders (e.g. phone numbers, WhatsApp senders).

What is twilio used for? Twilio Frontline is a programmable mobile application that enables digital relationships over messaging and voice to improve sales efficiency and outcomes. Integrate the app with any CRM or customer database and start building meaningful relationships with customers.

What is twilio verify? The Twilio Verify REST API allows you to verify that a user has a claimed device in their possession. The API lets you request a verification code to be sent to the user and to check that a received code is valid.

What is twilio static proxy? Static Proxy

Use a predictable set of IP addresses that can be added to an on-prem firewall or security device.

How do I change ownership in Twilio?

Note: Only the Owner and Administrator roles can change another user’s role.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click Account (top right dropdown) > Manage users.
  3. Click the checkbox for the new role of the user you wish to change. …
  4. Confirm the change of the role, in case you are downgrading the RBAC level.

What can you do with twilio studio?

You can use Studio to craft everything from order notifications, to phone trees, to survey tools, to SMS-enabled chatbots.

What is twilio chatbot?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that creates conversational interaction between the chatbot and another user through voice commands or text chats.

How do I access twilio studio?

Create an IVR or Phone Tree Menu with Twilio Studio.

Create and Build a Studio Flow

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click Studio. from the left-side navigation bar. NOTE: If Studio is not visible, you may first need to click All Products & Services.
  3. Click the + sign icon. to create a new flow.

Does WhatsApp use Twilio?

WhatsApp is the most popular OTT app in many parts of the world. With the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio, you can reach more than 1.5 billion WhatsApp users. You can send notifications, have two-way conversations, or build chatbots.

Why should I use Twilio?

Twilio provides a simple entry point into the telephony world, and helps your business avoid many of the traditional complexities. Developers can quickly get worldwide connectivity by interacting with Twilio using common internet protocols and simple markup.

Is Twilio safe?

Twilio is certified under ISO/IEC 27001, secures data between customer applications, and supports TLS 1.2 encryption. We maintain strict governance and protection standards to ensure data is appropriately stored, processed, and handled by our people, systems and technology.

Is sub-account hyphenated? Usage examples from USFDA: Sub-account; UChic.: subaccount; SEC: sub-account; Cornell: sub-account Regardless, it is never two words, always one, even if hyphenated. Your option should be subaccount, not subAccount.

What is Twilio SMS API?

Twilio’s SMS API helps you send and manage messages programmatically: To send an outbound SMS, WhatsApp, or Channels message with the API, POST to the Message resource. You’ll also use the Message resource to fetch messages and list messages associated with your account.

Is twilio a bot? Today, we’re announcing Twilio Autopilot — a conversational AI platform to build intelligent bots, and IVRs that work. Twilio Autopilot is made up of three building blocks: A Natural Language Understanding engine that analyzes user intent.

What is twilio autopilot?

Autopilot is Twilio’s new conversational AI platform for building bots, IVRs, voice assistants, and more. Autopilot combines Twilio’s Natural Language Understanding engine and new Autopilot Actions API to help you effectively classify customer issues with sophisticated self-service workflows.

How do I use twilio WhatsApp API?

  1. Connect your Twilio Number to your WhatsApp Business Profile.
  2. Using WhatsApp Business Accounts with Twilio.
  3. Editing your WhatsApp Business Profile.
  4. Sign up for a WhatsApp Sender with the Twilio Console.
  5. Send WhatsApp Notification Messages with Templates.
  6. Key Concepts and Terms for the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio.

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