How do I completely delete my Kik account?

by Maria Feer

The same steps apply to both Android and iPhone systems.

To delete a Kik account permanently, you should:

  1. Go to this page. Enter your credentials and the reason for leaving, and tick the box below.
  2. Click Go!.
  3. You will receive an email from Kik. Open it.
  4. Tap Permanently Deactivate and follow the further instructions.


Is Kik safe?

Kik is safe if it is used smartly and in good faith. It’s privacy features have made it popular among younger users, but they have also made it attractive to people wishing to use the app in an abusive manner.

What is Kik for?

Kik is a mobile messaging application that can be used on both android and iPhone. The popular app which is free to use is similar to Viber and WhatsApp but has some additional functions that differentiate it. For example, an internal browser, meaning users are encouraged to spend more time within the app.

Can you get tracked on Kik?

Yes, Kik can be tracked. The app includes a feature that allows users to share their location with others. This information can be accessed by law enforcement officials if they have a warrant. Kik also collects data about its users, including their IP addresses, which can also be used to track them.

What are the dangers of using Kik?

Users can communicate without revealing their actual names or phone numbers, and Kik doesn’t track the content of messages or the phone numbers of users. This makes it hard for law enforcement and parents to get almost any information about the person on the other end of the message.

Can a deleted Kik account be tracked?

Can a deleted Kik account be traced? Yes, a deleted Kik account can be traced.

Is Kik really anonymous?

Its main appeal is privacy and anonymity: The app is free, and allows people to find strangers and communicate with them anonymously, through a user name. “We view user names and anonymity as a safe way to connect with people you meet on the Internet,” said Rod McLeod, a spokesman for Kik.

Is Kik used for affairs?

With 28% of the overall vote, Kik was the most popular app for adulterers. Followed closely by Snapchat at 23%. Lagging far behind were social media giants Facebook (with 18% of the vote) and WhatsApp, which landed in last place with 10%.

Does Kik keep your IP address? The second is that there have been cases of predators using the app to target minors. So, it’s important to be careful about who you talk to on Kik and make sure you’re not sharing any personal information. Does Kik keep your IP address? Kik does not keep your IP address.

Does Kik automatically deactivate accounts?

There is no set period of time that you need to be inactive on Kik. You can choose to log out of the app at any time, and then log back in whenever you want. How do you know if someone has deleted their Kik account?

Is Kik traceable by police?

o A Kik username is the only unique identifier in our systems, and the only way we can identify a unique Kik account. o Unfortunately, information like phone numbers, first name, last name, or an email address will not allow Kik to identify a user in our systems.

How long does Kik keep deleted account info?

Kik may voluntarily preserve data, for a period of 90 days, upon receipt of a formal preservation request from a law enforcement agency.

How do I know if a Kik account is deleted?

If you can no longer see the person’s name in your contacts list. Or if they are no longer appearing in search results, it’s possible that they have deleted their account.

Is Kik connected to your phone number?

Unlike other messaging apps, Kik uses your username rather than personal information to connect you with other users. This means you can keep your email address and phone number completely private.

Can police see Kik messages? Kik doesn’t see or store chat message text in our systems, and we don’t ever have access to this information. o User Profile: • Users of Kik’s online services create their own user profile (username, first and last name, and email address).

Can people find your identity through Kik? Kik is a messaging app that can be traced to your phone. Kik messages are sent through the internet, which means it cannot be traced back to the sender’s cell phone. However, if you do not have a password on your account then anyone who has the username and password can access it.

Does Kik delete inactive account? Best Answer: Inactive Kik accounts are deleted after a certain amount of time. This is done in order to keep the app running smoothly.

How do you delete Kik messages on both ends?

The Ultimate Guide to Deleting Kik Messages on Both Ends

  1. Find a conversation in which you want to delete Kik messages.
  2. Tap and hold the message until a menu pops up.
  3. Select delete Kik messages on both ends.

How can I delete my Kik account without email?

You can delete your Kik account without email by going to the ‘Profile’ section of the app and tapping on the three dots in the top right corner. Tap on “Delete Account” and select “Yes, delete my account.” If you have a phone number associated with your account, you will receive an SMS message asking for confirmation.

How long do messages stay on Kik?

Kik deletes old messages automatically. It doesn’t save all your chat history and will automatically delete the old messages once you have exceeded the maximum number of messages you can save on Kik. On Kik for iPhone, you can see only the last 1000 messages in the recent chats.

Does Kik save photos?

Where Are the Kik Photos Stored on Your Phone? All images you take within the app are stored in a folder located in the phone’s picture gallery, and you can access them whenever you need them. However, the pictures you receive stay in the conversation and you can’t access them outside the app.

How long does Kik keep data?

Kik may voluntarily preserve data, for a period of 90 days, upon receipt of a formal preservation request from a law enforcement agency. Kik’s servers only retain images and video content for 30 days.

Does Kik show your phone number?

With a username instead of a phone number, you don’t automatically share personal information with others — your chat companions on Kik can only see your display name, username, and profile picture. They can’t see your email address, phone number, or birthday, though within a Kik group, everyone can see your username.

Does anyone use Kik anymore?

Kik now sits at just over 300 million registered users worldwide. They have managed to get more and more people using their platform due to the big focus on data privacy. Although Kik has a long way to go to catch up to messaging giants like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, their steady growth has been impressive.

Can deleted Kik accounts be traced? Kik is a popular messaging app that can be used to send messages, photos, videos, and other content to other users. Like many other social media apps, Kik deletes accounts when they are inactive for a period of time. Deleted accounts cannot be traced because the account is no longer active.

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