How do I clean up my Gmail?

by Maria Feer

If your Gmail inbox is cluttered, overwhelming, or just poorly organized, try these steps for how to clean up your Gmail inbox:

  1. Delete big attachments. …
  2. Delete entire categories. …
  3. Unsubscribe from annoying lists. …
  4. Block unwanted senders. …
  5. Delete by sender. …
  6. Delete by date. …
  7. Delete by content. …
  8. Create new labels.


Can you delete more than 50 emails at a time in Gmail?

Delete all of your e-mails from your inbox by going to the settings page, then down to “Number of messages per page,” and changing it to “No limit.” Then hit “Save” at the top and then OK when prompted to refresh your browser. Check the box next to “Sender” in your inbox, then select delete.

How do I delete 50000 emails?

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail.
  2. In the top left, check the box to select all messages. If you have over one page of messages, click Select all conversations.
  3. At the top, click Delete .

How do I clear old emails?

You can delete emails one by one by swiping from left to right on the message to show the “trash” name and icon. If you want to delete multiple emails, click the “edit” button at the top right corner and then hit “select all.” Once every message you want is selected, press the “trash” button to remove them.

How do I delete large amounts of emails?

To select and delete nonconsecutive emails, click the first email, press and hold the Ctrl key, click each email that you want to delete, and then press the Delete key.

How long do archived emails stay in Gmail?

Gmail keeps your archived emails indefinitely or until you delete them. Only messages that are deleted are removed from the Trash after 30 days. How do I retrieve archived emails? If a message has been archived, you can find it by opening the “All Mail” label.

What is the advantage of archiving emails in Gmail?

Unlike Outlook, when you Archive a message in Gmail, the message is hidden from your Inbox view. So in effect, archiving lets you tidy up your inbox by moving messages from your inbox into your All Mail label, so you don’t have to delete anything.

Why deleting emails is good for the environment?

The average email size is about 75 kb. So, imagine if everyone deletes around 10 unwanted emails (spam and non-spam), it could prevent 1,725,000 GB of data being stored in the servers around the world. The energy used to store 1 GB of data is around 32 kWh.

Why is my Gmail storage full after deleting everything? If trash bin has already been emptied, note that if you have just deleted a lot of files, it can take several hours for the saved space to be reflected in the storage available numbers. Also it can take a bit of time for the saved space to be realized in different products, (Drive, Gmail and Photos).

Does Gmail have a cleanup tool?

Gmail Cleaner allows Google Apps administrators to search and delete emails from user’s mailboxes. Possible use-cases are undetected phishing attempts, undetected viruses, unintentionally sent emails etc. Gmail Cleaner allows Google Apps administrators to search and delete emails from user’s mailboxes.

How do I delete thousands of emails?

Sadly, there isn’t a snappy way to cut them immediately. Instead of clicking a nifty button, you’ll have to press and hold the Shift key. Click the first email, keep holding down Shift, click the last email and then hit Delete.

How do I select more than 100 emails in Gmail?

How do I change the default view to see more than 50 email messages in Gmail?

  1. Select the gear icon.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under General, locate Maximum page size.
  4. From the drop down next to conversations per page, select the number of emails you would like to show.
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Is there a way to mass select emails in Gmail?

Open your Gmail Inbox. Click on the checkbox in front of the first message in your Inbox. Hold down the Shift key. Now, click on the last message, and all the other ones will be selected.

What do I do when my Gmail storage is full?

Method 1: Delete emails

After Gmail displays the search results, select all the emails you do not need and tap on the delete button. After this, head over to the Trash section and tap on the empty trash button. This is one of the easiest and best ways to quickly clean up the storage space.

Does archive permanently delete emails? Archiving removes an email from your inbox, while still keeping it around in the All Mail category. While you won’t see it in the inbox anymore, you will still be able to see it in search results. Archived emails will never be automatically deleted.

What’s the difference between archiving and deleting? A deleted message goes into the trash folder, but an archived message is defaulted to the Archive folder or All Mail on Gmail / Google Apps. Depending on your email provider or company’s policy, your deleted messages may be permanently purged from your trash folder automatically (often after 30 days).

How can I clean up my email fast?

Here are some ideas to get your email inboxes under control again:

  1. Stop signing up to get MORE emails.
  2. Stop getting emails from current sources.
  3. Do a mass delete of messages you’ll never read.
  4. Use your email provider’s sorting or filtering features.
  5. Go online for additional help.

How do I archive thousands of emails in Gmail?

A row of icons will then appear at the top row of your inbox—click on the Archive icon, and Gmail will send the message to the “All Mail” folder. The second option is to open the email in question. Once loaded, the same icons as above will appear. Select the Archive button, and you will return to your primary inbox.

Should I archive or delete in Gmail?

Deleting Emails Is Best For

When you need to clean up your free storage with Gmail – even though they offer 15GB (but that’s across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos). Deleting old and unread emails is a great way to claw some of this storage back.

What is the point of archiving emails?

The point of archiving is to give you a central location to store mails that you no longer need direct access to. It also ensures your inbox is kept clean and attachments and other files are kept safe.

How do I archive emails older than certain dates in Gmail?

Archiving Old Emails

  1. Type “in:inbox before:yyyy/mm/dd” in the search bar and replace it with yesterday’s date or any other form when you want to archive your emails.
  2. Click the drop-down icon and then press “Create Filter With This Search.”
  3. Confirm with clicking “OK” in the pop-up window “Confirm Creating Filter.”

What is the main difference between archiving and deleting an email?

What’s the difference between archive and delete in Gmail? Archived emails are still within your mailbox, just not in your inbox. Deleted messages are moved to the trash folder and permanently deleted 30 days later.

Does deleting emails free up space?

Deleting emails from Gmail can free up storage space in the cloud. This is done in two steps: first you have to move the emails into the Trash, then you have to delete them from the Trash. Emails in the Trash are still counting towards your Google account’s quota.

Why does Gmail archive instead of delete? Google archiving removes messages from your Inbox, but keeps them in your account so that you can always find them later. This is like moving messages into a filing cabinet for safekeeping, rather than putting them in the trash can.

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