How do I add Global Tel to my phone?

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Is ConnectNetwork real?

If you prefer to use a phone system, call the toll free number at 800-483-8314. You can set up the prepaid account and add funds through this phone number. You need to have the inmate’s name, location and, sometimes, the inmate ID number to set up the account..

How do I put money on my phone through GTL?

GTL offers eight convenient options to fund accounts:

  1. Online –
  2. Automated telephone (IVR) system.
  3. Payment via operator-assisted call.
  4. Payment via certified check or money order.
  5. Payment via Western Union.
  6. Lobby Kiosk (where available)

How do I leave a message for an inmate?

How It Works

  1. Dial into the facility’s Inmate Voicemail number.
  2. Select a language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter the inmate’s PIN (permanent) ID number.
  4. Listen to voicemail cost and available message length options, then make your selection.
  5. Record your voicemail at the sound of the beep.

Can you transfer money on GTL?

As a customer, you’re able to transfer funds from your phone number to either another phone number, or to the Inmate’s Account (inmate’s personal account).

How do I check my GTL balance?

How can I find out the balance of my prepaid account? Contact the GTL AdvancePay automated system at 1-800-483-8314. If you need additional assistance and want to speak to a representative please call the Service Center at 1-866-230-7761.

What does GTL mean in jail?

by Peter Wagner, August 28, 2017. The largest phone provider in prisons and jails, which incarcerated people use to call home, has just gotten bigger. GTL (formerly Global Tel*Link) has purchased its competitor Telmate.

How do I send money to Twin Towers inmate?

If you wish to put money “on the books” in person, you may do so 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at the cashier’s office in the Inmate Reception Center located in between the two Twin Towers.

How do I put money on an inmate’s account?

There are two ways you may add money to an inmates account in person. Some institutions allow you to drop a check or money order off at the prison where the inmate is being held. Please call the institution to verify. Drop your check or money order into the box labelled “Inmate Funds” in the lobby.

Does GTL have a monthly plan? We currently don’t offer monthly plans, packages or unlimited options. With a Friends & Family Account, you determine how much you want to deposit. You can make a deposit at any time and also set up recurring deposits.

What is the best inmate phone service?

The most popular services for receiving phone calls from prisoners are:

  • ICSolutions.
  • Securus Technologies.
  • Global Tel Link (GTL)

Are JPAY and GTL the same?

GTL is the service provider for families with loved ones inside a Department of Correction Facility.

What is the cheapest inmate phone service?


  • The Problem. Calling from prison is expensive.
  • The Solution. PRISON CONNECT provides you with a number local to the facility where your loved one is located, connected with your cell phone, at one low flat monthly rate -only $4.99, and no hidden fees or charges.
  • The Result.

What is phone donkey?

Customer Login. Phone Donkey provides inmates in Federal BOP custody and their loved ones with local phone numbers to reduce the prison long distance fees (from GTL, Securus, ICSolution, Paytel, etc.) from 21¢ per minute down to 6¢ per minute. You must set up a prepaid account with the prison phone provider.

Does GTL accept prepaid cards?

Family members and friends of inmates are given the option to set up prepaid calling accounts using credit or debit cards, cash deposited at Western Union, checks or money orders. Calls that may otherwise be blocked are now completed through GTL’s AdvancePay program.

Is GTL and Securus the same? GTL is owned by American Securities, and Securus is owned by Abry Partners, although it’s trying to sell itself to Platinum Equity, whose Chairman/CEO is Tom Gores, owner of the Detroit Pistons.

What can Inmates do on tablets? Tablets allow inmates to take on responsibility, such as submitting requests and filing electronic grievances, and allow facilities to focus on operational efficiencies instead of paper forms.

Is JPay still giving free video visits? Beginning Friday, March 13, 2020, one free 15 min video session credit will be available in your JPay account. The free video session credit will be replenished every Friday, but only if the current free visit was used.

How do I put money on my phone for Cook County Jail?

Cook County Jail requires you to set up a Legacy Inmate Communications prepaid account.

  1. Online.
  2. By calling Legacy’s customer support at 800-356-8390.

How do you save money on jail calls?

Sign up for a local phone number to the prison. When the inmate calls you using the local phone number, the call will automatically be routed to your existing home or cell phone. The cost of the call charged by the prison will be reduced to the lower local rate instead of the high, long-distance rate.

How do I put money on an inmate in Cook County Jail?

For your convenience, the Cook County Department of Corrections offers several ways in which to add funds to a individual in custody’s “books”. Family and Friends have the option of using the Internet Online, Telephone, Money Exchange/Currency Exchange facilities, and jail on-site Lobby Kiosks.

How can I check my GTL balance?

How can I find out the balance of my prepaid account? Contact the GTL AdvancePay automated system at 1-800-483-8314. If you need additional assistance and want to speak to a representative please call the Service Center at 1-866-230-7761.

How do I get local inmate calls?

What You Do

  1. Step 1: Sign up for a local number. The local number will be set to ring to your home phone or cell phone.
  2. Step 2: Give the inmate the new phone number.
  3. Step 3: Contact the phone provider for the institution and set up a prepaid or advance pay account for the new number.

What does chirping mean in jail?

Chirping is the CPC product name for inmate texting. This product allows inmates to send chirps (texts) to friends and family members. Funds may be added to the inmate’s account at anytime using the website.

Can I call a prisoner?

Although some prisons now have phones in each cell, most only have shared phones on each wing, meaning prisoners can only access them at certain times of day. In either case, it is not possible to call a prisoner – they can only make outbound calls to pre-approved numbers listed on the their “pin”.

How does texting an inmate work? Facility rules

The facility has complete discretion on the use of the texting devices. You will not be able to text other inmates, victims and witness or any other person blocked by the facility. If the facility determines that your behavior is a problem they can terminate the use at any time.

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