Does Telegram delete inactive accounts?

by Maria Feer

By default, Telegram erases your account if it’s inactive for six months. However, you can edit that setting and adjust how long Telegram should wait before deleting your profile..

How can I recover my Telegram chat from another phone?

The second way is to recover deleted Telegram chats from the cache folder in which stored all the messages, images, videos and other files in the deleted conversations. To do this, in the external SD card in your phone, go for “Android” folder > “data” folder > “org. telegram” folder > “cache” folder.

Why did Telegram delete my account?

By default, Telegram deletes accounts after 6 months of inactivity to save space on its servers. This means that if you do not log in to or use your Telegram account for 6 months then it will be deleted automatically.

Does Telegram have backup?

Telegram is officially available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS and users can exchange messages, photos, videos and files for up to 1.5 GB. one of the problems with Telegram messenger is you are unable to create backup from chats! but don’t worry every problem has a solution.

How can I transfer my Telegram account?

Step 1: Open the Telegram app and tap on the ‘Channel’ you want to transfer the ownership to. Step 5: Enable “Add New Admins” toggle. Upon enabling it, you will get an option “Transfer Channel Ownership” right below. Step 6: Tap on “Change Owner”.

What will happen if I uninstall and reinstall Telegram?

What happens if I delete and reinstall Telegram? If you deleted and reinstalled Telegram, you will lose all of your data. All of your messages, groups, contacts and media will be gone.

What happens if I log out of Telegram?

If you log out, you will lose all your secret chats. You can create as many different secret chats with the same contact as you like.

What happens if you reset your Telegram account?

Resetting the account will completely delete all its data and chat history. When you log in again after resetting, it will be the same as logging into a new account for the first time. And the error message you’re seeing occurs after someone tries to log in to an account too many times (for security purposes).

Does Telegram store deleted messages? Note that deleted messages and original versions of edited messages from supergroups are stored for 48 hours after deletion in order to be shown in the admins log.

What happens to inactive Telegram account?

As a part of its security features, Telegram accounts are set for self-destruction after a certain time of inactivity. A default period is set to 6 months, meaning that if you don’t log into your Telegram account within that time, it will be deleted and your conversations will be gone forever.

Can I get my messages back after uninstalling Telegram?

Not possible because telegram is a cloud based app so the messages are also on cloud. Delete anything and it is gone forever (though someone might have that if they have forwarded that message to themselves or you have any message forwarding bot that only works for groups/channels).

Does Telegram automatically delete inactive channels?

No, Telegram does not delete inactive channels.

Can I have two Telegram accounts with same number?

Unfortunately, you cannot create several Telegram accounts using the same phone number.

Can Telegram delete groups?

Open your Telegram channel or group. Click the name of the channel or group at the top to reveal the Channel/Group Info page. Next, tap the three-dot menu and select Manage Channel/Group from the pop-up. Scroll down and select Delete Channel/Group.

How can I delete Telegram group? On Android app (Telegram X), the following steps should work:

  1. Tap on the channel/group title.
  2. Go to Manage Channel/Group by clicking a pen icon.
  3. Choose Destroy channel/group by clicking a triple-dot icon.

How can I log into Telegram with another phone? You can log in to Telegram from as many of your devices as you like — all at the same time. Just use your main mobile phone number to log in everywhere, your cloud chats will sync instantly. The Telegram API is open for developers, should you want to build your own applications for other platforms.

How many Telegram accounts can I have with same number? You can add up to three accounts with different phone numbers to your Telegram app, and then quickly switch between them from the side menu. Notifications will keep coming from all accounts, unless you change this in the Notification settings.

How can I activate my Telegram account?

Step 1: Download the Telegram App. Step 2: After downloading, open the Telegram App. Step 3: Now you need to sign up, tap on Start Messaging button. Step 4: Next, Choose your country and enter the Phone number, which you want to register for your Telegram account.

What is my Telegram ID?

Locate “Chat.” It’s about halfway down the information page. This section displays your Chat ID, First name, Last Name, and your Username. Note the number next to “ID.” The number next to “ID” below “Chat” is your personal Chat ID.

How can I access Telegram?

Install Telegram on your Android.

Type telegram into the search bar, and tap Telegram in the search results. It’s the round blue icon with a white paper airplane inside. Tap INSTALL and follow the on-screen instructions. Tap OPEN to launch Telegram.

How can I transfer Telegram to new phone?

That of Telegram is pretty easy because Telegram stores chats in the cloud, so all you have to do is login via your phone number on the new device and you’ll not lose a thing. How do I transfer WhatsApp chats on my old Android phone to my new iPhone?

What is Telegram cloud?

Telegram is a cloud service. We store messages, photos, videos and documents from your cloud chats on our servers so that you can access your data from any of your devices anytime without having to rely on third-party backups.

Can I export Telegram chat?

Once you tap on ‘export chat’, it will bring up the share menu. Choose Telegram here. On Android, you tap the three dot menu on the top right of a chat, tap on the ‘more’ option and then click on ‘export chat’. Share the chat to Telegram when the share menu pops up.

How can I change my Telegram account to another phone?

Can you open Telegram on another phone? Yes, you can use the same Telegram account (phone number) on multiple devices at once. Just login with the same number.

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