Does deleting a conversation on Messenger delete it for the other person?

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Can you delete old Facebook messages from both sides?

If you want to remove a message just for yourself, you can still do that anytime by selecting “Remove for You”. When you choose this option, the message will be removed for you, but not for anybody else in the chat. As always, you can report conversations that violate our Community Standards..

How do I permanently delete Messenger conversations?

In a browser:

  1. Log into Facebook and open the Messenger pane.
  2. Click the conversation that you want to delete.
  3. At the top of the chat window, click the arrow to the right of the person’s name and choose “Delete conversation.” In the pop-up window, confirm you want to do this by clicking “Delete Conversation.”

How do I permanently delete Facebook messages from both sides after 10 minutes?

Messenger allows you to delete messages from both sides of the conversation after 10 minutes. To do this, open the conversation and select the message you want to delete. Then, tap and hold the message and select Delete from the menu.

How can I delete all messages from Messenger?


  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click See all in Messenger.
  3. Click on the options wheel next to a conversation.
  4. Click Delete if you want to erase all the messages.

Can a blocked person still be able to see past conversations?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. If you block someone on Facebook or Messenger, you both will not be able to see each others activities and also not be able to send messages. Old conversation will be still in inbox but name of that person will not be clickable.

Can I hide someone on Messenger?

How can I hide someone on Messenger? You can hide someone on Messenger by going to their profile, clicking the ellipses (…) next to their name, and selecting “Hide this conversation.”

Can you delete text messages on both sides?

On Android, open the Messages app and select a text message to delete. Then hold down the message you wish to delete. Then press the Delete key. Alternatively, you may remove numerous messages at once by selecting them and deleting them all at once.

How can I delete all messages from Messenger?

Tap on the three dots to the left of the message you want to remove. Tap on ‘Remove’ ‘Tap on Unsend for Everyone’ or ‘Remove for You’

Do saved chats delete when blocked? Your chat history with them will disappear on your phone, but it’ll still show up on your former-friend’s. So they’ll still be able to see any saved messages between you. You, however, won’t have access to those messages.

How do you delete Facebook messages on both sides hack?

To delete Facebook messages on both sides, you must first log into your account on the web. Once logged in, click the Messages icon on the left side of the window. You will then see a list of all your messages. Click on the message thread that you want to delete and click Delete Conversation.

What is vanish mode on Messenger?

Messenger From Facebook offers an optional “Vanish Mode” that causes messages to automatically disappear from chats once they’ve been seen. When Vanish Mode is turned on for a chat, all “seen” messages will disappear when the user closes the chat. Users can turn on Vanish Mode for individual conversations separately.

How do you delete old Messenger messages from both sides 2021?

Steps to Delete Facebook Messages From Both Sides

  1. On your phone, tap and hold the message you want to delete.
  2. Then select Remove.
  3. Tap the Unsend option when asked who you want to remove the message for.
  4. Confirm your choice when prompted to do so.

Why is there no Remove for everyone option in Messenger?

There are two reasons why there is no remove for everyone option in Messenger. The first reason is that Facebook doesn’t want to take away your ability to block someone. If you block someone, they will not be able to contact you and the only way they can contact you again is if you unblock them.

Does report and block delete messages on both sides?

When you report someone to WhatsApp, previous conversations with the reported contact will continue to appear on your phone. However, if you choose the ‘Report and Block’ option, your chats with the person will be deleted completely.

What happens to messages when you block someone on Messenger? They can’t call you or send you messages on Messenger or in a chat going forward. Your previous messages between yourself and the person you’re blocking won’t be deleted, so you have to manually delete those messages if you don’t want them.

What does a grey circle mean on Messenger? The Grey empty circle basically shows that your message is still being sent.

What does a grey check mark mean on Messenger? An unfilled grey check mark means that your message has been sent. However, it hasn’t been delivered or seen yet. On the Messenger app, you’ll see an unfilled blue circle with a blue tick.

Does Blocking someone on Facebook delete messages?

Blocking someone will not delete the conversation thread from any side. In other words, the old conversations will remain in Messenger, and you will be able to read them until you manually delete the chat thread.

How do you delete a message on Messenger that won’t delete?

Long-pressing a conversation should give you an option to delete it. When you open Messenger, find the conversation you want to delete, long-press it, tap Delete (or the red trashcan icon), and then confirm the deletion. Hey!

How do you delete messages on Messenger Messenger 2021?

To delete an entire conversation using Messenger for Android, tap and hold your finger down on a conversation, then tap Delete.

Does blocking someone delete messages?

Blocked text messages disappear

When someone that you’ve blocked texts you, their texts go nowhere. They won’t receive any notification that they’re blocked, and their messages will still look like they’ve been sent.

How does it look when someone blocks you on Messenger?

However, you can infer that you’ve been blocked on Messenger from the state of the status icon on a message you’ve sent. If you send a message to someone and the message is not delivered, meaning an unfilled check mark icon appears, you may have been blocked. Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

How do I know if someone blocked me from Messenger?

What to Know

  1. Send the person a message. If it goes through, they probably haven’t blocked you.
  2. If you see a warning saying that the message wasn’t sent, the person might have blocked you.
  3. If you can view the person’s Facebook profile, they may have blocked you on Messenger but not on Facebook.

Does vanish mode delete messages on both sides?

When the Vanish mode is activated for a contact, the messages will be erased from both parties’ inbox after the other person has seen them. You need to close the chat, and the messages would have disappeared after you reopen it.

Can you tell if someone is using Vanish mode on Messenger? If someone sends you a new vanish mode message while you’re in a regular chat, you’ll get a notification that you can tap on to enter the vanish mode conversation with them. You’ll also be notified if they send you a new message outside of vanish mode.

What does a white circle with check mean on Messenger?

A white circle outlined in blue with a check mark inside means that your message has been sent.

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