Can you block contacts from seeing you on Hinge?

by Alexander A.
What happens when you block someone on Hinge?

Select a reason for removing that person.

Your reason is private and will not be shared with the other person. Once you select a reason, you’ll see a small “X” animation that shows the remove has been submitted. That person will also not see you and you won’t see their profile again..

Can I hide my profile from someone on Hinge?

As far as I know, you cannot pause your account or hide your profile on Hinge. Instead, you have to either delete your profile or set your location to Greenland or Antarctica where nobody will find you. It’s a small thing but an important omission.

Does Hinge tell you when someone screenshots?

Hinge does not send users screenshot or screen-recording notifications (yet), and it hasn’t stated any plans to. Cheers to not being caught! Obviously, this is great for those of us who screenshot to capture the pure joy and fun of online dating.

Why did someone Unmatch me on Hinge?

Hinge Match Disappeared: Hinge Profile Disappeared, Hinge Messaged Disappeared & Hinge Unmatch. It means someone deleted their profile or unmatched you. If someone paused their account, they would still be able to chat with you. Assume sketchy behavior here or someone lost interest.

How do you get blocked from Hinge?

Unfortunately some harassers may try to elude being reported and report you (the victim) instead. Even if you are not abusive or threatening, you can get banned on Hinge if your profile and communications suggest you are not seeking a relationship but rather something casual or a hookup.

How long does Hinge Shadowban last?

How Long Does A Hinge Shadowban Last? Because this kind of ban isn’t official, there are no firm answers from Hinge about what to expect. On Tinder, experts say these bans can occur for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, depending on what rules were broken and how many infractions there have been.

Does Hinge let you screenshot?

Hinge does not send users screenshot or screen-recording notifications (yet), and it hasn’t stated any plans to. Cheers to not being caught! Obviously, this is great for those of us who screenshot to capture the pure joy and fun of online dating.

Is Hinge for cheating?

The Hinge app is pictured. — — The dating app Hinge is putting cheaters on notice. Users with a Facebook relationship status listed as “married,” “engaged” or “in a relationship” will now be exposed in their Hinge profiles, which are populated using information from a person’s Facebook profile.

What’s better Bumble or Hinge? Bumble is slightly more superficial and has Incognito mode which women like for privacy as do men who like to use it to cheat on their partners but Hinge has better prompts and allows men to send the first message first which is more advantageous if they are good at writing and don’t want to rely solely on their photos

Does removing someone on Hinge block them?

Unmatching is just like blocking someone on Hinge. Once you unmatch a person, they can’t see your profile anymore. If you only want to hide a match from plain sight, you can do so: Launch Hinge on your phone.

Does Hinge take reports seriously?

We take reports very seriously. The more details you can provide, the quicker we can identify and investigate the profile or user in question. Check out our Terms of Service for how we handle reports. You can also reach out with any additional details or screen grabs by tapping Submit a Request below.

What happens if you report someone on Hinge for offline behavior?

Is Hinge a hookup?

Distancing itself from casual hookups, Hinge now identifies as the go-to “relationship app,” targeting “people who are looking for meaningful connections.” New Hinge profiles include photos, basic information, and tidbits about users’ personalities and interests.

Is Hinge owned by Facebook?

Match Group made investments in Hinge as early as September 2017. In June 2018, Match Group acquired 51% ownership of Hinge, with the right to acquire all remaining shares within a year, which it did. Match Group owned 100% of Hinge by the first quarter of 2019.

Why am I getting no likes on Hinge? Hinge tries hard not to be as superficial as other popular dating apps. However, low-quality or old images can be one of the reasons for your Hinge profile not getting likes. A selfie only works if it shows off your photographic skills or a breathtaking background.

What is a rose on Hinge? A Rose is an enhanced form of the Like button, and indicates you are especially interested in the person. If you send a Rose, you go to the top of the person’s Likes You feed. You only get one free Rose each week to share with other users, but you can buy more starting at $3.99 each.

How can you tell if someone is on Hinge? We added a Last Active status feature to show an approximate time frame of when a member was last on the app. The two options you might see are: Active Now and Active Today. The status will appear on a Hinge member’s profile just below their name. You can turn Last Active status on/off within your settings page.

What happens if you report someone on Hinge?

Reporting is an anonymous and permanent action. You will not see their profile again, nor will they see yours. When you report a profile from Matches, you will immediately disappear from that member’s view and they will not be able to view or retrieve the Conversation or Match.

Does Hinge tell when you read a message?

You don’t want someone to know that you read their message but didn’t reply choice-fully. Hinge also solves this by not giving a read feedback to your senders. So you can safely read and not reply instantly, without letting the other person know.

Can you rematch with someone you unmatched on Hinge?

Unmatching is a permanent action. If you Unmatch someone, you won’t be able to talk to that person again. We are unable to restore a Match manually.

How do you know if someone deleted you on Hinge?

Another way to tell if someone is still actively seeking a date is by checking their profile. If they’ve updated their Bio or photos then they’re likely online. If you no longer see their profile they may have deleted it or they’ve paused their account.

What happens when a Match disappears on Hinge?

If one of your matches disappeared, one of the following is possible: That member manually or accidentally unmatched your profile from their Matches screen. They deleted their Hinge profile.

Why did I get banned on Hinge?

If you’ve been banned from Hinge, this means we’ve detected activity associated with your account that violated our Terms of Service. We take violations of our policies very seriously.

Can you get your Hinge account back?

Yes, you can reactivate your Hinge account after deleting it. To do so, sign in to the app and go to the Settings page. Scroll down until you see “Deactivate Account” and tap on it. You’ll then be prompted to enter your password.

How do you email Hinge? In the event that your chargeback or other payment reversal is overturned, please contact Customer Service at

What happens if you accidentally xed someone on Hinge?

If you accidentally skip someone’s profile in Discover or on your Likes You screen, just tap the back arrow in the upper right corner of your screen. Please note: you can only undo your most recent skip.

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