Why is my rangefinder blurry?

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If the reticle appears fuzzy, or requires a little time to come into sharp focus, further adjustment is needed. Turn the eyepiece clockwise another full turn and repeat STEP 8. 8. Keep doing this until the reticle is sharp the instant you put your eye to the scope..

Where do I send my Bushnell scope for repair?

Bushnell Outdoor Products, ATTN: Lab Repair, 9200 Cody, Overland Park, KS, 66214.

How do I reset my Bushnell Phantom?

Phantom Reboot

It sounds like your Phantom may not be getting GPS access. First perform a hard reset on the device: Hold down the bottom left-hand button and power button together for 15 seconds or until the unit switches off then turn it back on using power button. This will reboot the device.

Does Bushnell have lifetime warranty?


Since 1984, the majority of our Bushnell sports optics products have been covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Bushnell Outdoor Products guarantees these products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner.

What is the warranty on a Bushnell rangefinder?

A: All Bushnell Golf devices come with a free limited warranty (1 year for GPS units and 2 years for laser rangefinders) that guarantees our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

Is Bushnell Made in USA?

Currently, none of the Bushnell lines of riflescopes are manufactured in the USA. Some are made in China, some are sourced from South Korea, and their top tier scopes come from Japan.

Who bought Bushnell?

Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) announced Thursday that it acquired Bushnell Group Holdings Inc. from MidOcean Partners for $985 million. Overland Park-based Bushnell has about 1,100 employees around the world and does business with more than 10,000 customers in 90 countries.

What red dots have lifetime warranty?

All AT3 Tactical Brand Products carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This includes AT3 Red Dot Sights, Handguards, Iron Sights, and any other product that carries the “AT3 Tactical” or “AT3™” name.

How do you reset binoculars?

How do I clean the lens on my Bushnell rangefinder?

Simply breathe lightly on the lens to provide a slight amount of moisture, then gently rub the lens with the microfiber cloth. For a more thorough cleaning, photographic lens tissue and photographic-type lens cleaning fluid or isopropyl alcohol may be used.

How do you fix binoculars that won’t focus?

Open the eye that was closed, and shut the other eye. Look at the same object, and turn the diopter ring until the subject is clearly focused. Now, open both eyes and look through the binoculars at the same object. It should be clear and crisp, which means your binoculars are now calibrated for your vision!

Where is the mode button on a Bushnell rangefinder?

To select between yards and meters, look through the monocular, depress the “mode” button (left side of the unit underneath the BUSHNELL YARDAGE PRO logo) and hold it down for approximately 2 seconds.

How do you clean the inside of a rangefinder lens?

Below are the steps on how to clean a golf rangefinder, in brief.

  1. Switch the device off.
  2. Take out the removable parts.
  3. Remove dirt or dust your hands or an appropriate tool.
  4. You could improvise DIY tools to remove the sticky dust and dirt.
  5. Get the right cleaning agent.
  6. Get a soft cleaning cloth (mostly included)

How do you adjust Bushnell binoculars?

Start by adjusting the center focus knob/diopter until the image is as crisp as we can get it. 2. When we’re ready to adjust the right eye, we’ll go ahead and close our left eye, and adjust the diopter on the right barrel until our image is as, again, as crisp as we can get it.

Why can’t I see through my binoculars? If the width isn’t set properly, your image will black out. Virtually all binoculars on the market have center focusing, in which a single knob or lever controls the focus for both eyepieces simultaneously.

How do you turn off the slope on a Bushnell rangefinder? To turn off the slope function just hold down the power button, which will cycle through all of the modes. Once you see yards with no slope meters, release the power button and your device will be legal for tournament play.

How do I change my Bushnell v4 from meters to yards? While looking through the eyepiece, press and hold the POWER button down for approximately 5 seconds. During this time all liquid crystal segments and icons will be displayed. As you continue to depress the power button, the display will toggle back and forth between Yards and Meters.

How do I reset my Bushnell Tour v3?

Best Answer:

  1. To reset a Bushnell rangefinder, you will need to remove the battery cover and locate the reset button.
  2. With the rangefinder facing you, use a pen or other sharp object to push the button in until it clicks.
  3. Replace the battery cover and try using the rangefinder again.

How do you clean a foggy rangefinder?

And it is easier than you think. First remove the top: remove screws and turn the round nut on the film advance lever normally (ie, counterclockwise to loosen). After the top is off you CAREFULLY wipe all the glass surfaces with a soft, clean tissue impregnated with water with a bit of dish liquid.

Why is my Bushnell Tour v3 not working?

Your Bushnell rangefinder has stopped working because it is probably just dirty and needs to be cleaned. You can clean your rangefinder by going into the menu settings and finding “clean.” The instructions will tell you how to proceed from there.

How do you turn on the slope on a Bushnell?

How do I change my range finder to yards?

To select between yards and meters, press and hold the POWER/FIRE button. The display will begin to cycle through the setup options: Yards w/JOLT, Yards, Meters w/JOLT, Meters (for details on the JOLT feature, see “About JOLT”).

How do I reset my Bushnell wingman?

If necessary, the Wingman can be reset. Make sure the charging cable is not connected. Place a small pin (<3mm) into the reset key (small opening to the right of the USB charging port) and hold it down (press lightly) for 2 seconds until the LED Indicator Ring turns off.

What is iGolf Sync app?

iGolf Connect® is a content delivery platform that supplies golf course information and GPS content to application developers, connected hardware manufacturers and website operators.

How do you set up a Bushnell Phantom?

How do I change the mode on my Bushnell Tour V2?

The Bushnell Tour V2 features two modes – automatic scan and PinSeeker. Changing modes is as simple as briefly pressing the mode button.

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