Why can’t I change my Etsy shop name?

by Maria Feer
How do I change my shop name on Etsy 2020?

If your shop isn’t open yet, you can change your name as often as you like before you open your shop. Once your shop is open, you can change your shop name in Info & Appearance up to five times. If you need to change it again, use the same form to submit a name change request to Etsy Support..

How do you change your name on Etsy mobile?

Changes to your name on Etsy cannot be made through the mobile app .

To change your name:

  1. Sign into Etsy.com and go to Your account, then Account settings.
  2. In the About You section, select edit profile.
  3. Next to Your Name, select Change or remove.
  4. You can change or remove your preferred name from your public profile.

How do you come up with a shop name?

Store name ideas FAQ

  1. Consider what you want to convey to customers.
  2. Research what brand names are available.
  3. Brainstorm with friends or family to get company name suggestions.
  4. Focus on the uniqueness of your brand.
  5. Keep your business name short and simple.
  6. Organize and review your business name ideas.

How do I know if my Etsy name is taken?

To find out whether your desired name is available on Etsy, you have to type it in during the shop creation process and click “Check Availability.”

How do I delete my Etsy shop?

To close your Etsy shop:

  1. On Etsy.com, go to Shop Manager.
  2. Go Settings and select Options.
  3. Select the Close Shop tab.
  4. Select Close Shop. Please answer our short survey before closing your shop.

Can you delete Etsy account?

You can permanently delete your Etsy account from your Privacy settings. Scroll down to Permanently close and delete your Etsy account and click Begin the process. If you don’t see the Close Account button, you may have an amount due on your statement or an open case reported in your shop.

Are there fake sellers on Etsy?

So yes, there are unscrupulous sellers on Etsy who are selling mass-manufactured items and trying to pass them off as handmade.

Are there fake shops on Etsy?

Online marketplace Etsy has come under fire over the last few months, as a significant number of products sold there have turned out to be fake. The hugely popular site is a place where creators can sell their handmade products.

Can I hide my sales on Etsy? You can hide your sold listings page from your shop by following these two steps. Go to Shop Manager > Settings > Options. Scroll down to the Sold Listings section at the bottom of this page. Under “Want shoppers to be able to see these?” select the button for “No, hide them.”

Does your Etsy shop name have to match your business name?

Choosing an original Etsy shop name is a must. For one, Etsy doesn’t allow copycat names unless they’re altered just enough to be deemed original. But choosing an unoriginal business name can also be detrimental to your business in several ways.

How do you make fake sales on Etsy?

To fake sales, all they have to do is create multiple Etsy accounts and buy the items from their actual account. They will be out the seller’s fee, but they can use this newly verified purchase to leave a glowing review, enticing unsuspecting customers.

Can you have 2 Etsy accounts?

Yes, you can have more than two Etsy shops. Follow the same instructions in this article to open further shops. Be sure to accurately represent your businesses and make sure that each account complies with Etsy’s Seller Policy.

Do you have to use your real name on Etsy?

Showing your full name is always optional. You don’t need to enter a full name and you can always remove your name from your profile completely. If you choose not to provide a full name, we will show your username to represent you as a person.”

How do I sell after being banned on Etsy?

All you have to do is:

  1. Click on the Register button.
  2. Use a new email address to make a new Etsy store.
  3. After filling out the details, including name and password, click Sell on Etsy.
  4. That’s it. Open your Etsy shop and start selling again on the platform.

Can I open a new Etsy shop after suspended? Sadly, you can’t open another account after Etsy decides to suspend one. Your Etsy shop is linked to your bank account and your address, so the platform will know it’s you again and it will block you from opening a new Etsy store.

How do I hide my full name on Etsy? Click the “Your Account” link in the upper right corner of the page followed by the “Public Profile” option from the context menu. Click the “Change” link next to your name. Click the “Save Changes” button to complete the process and send your name change request.

How much does the average person make on Etsy? How Much Does The Average Etsy Seller Make? The average successful seller on Etsy earns between $43,000 and $46,000 per year which is a fantastic foundation to build on as top earners make over $65,000 per month!

Can two Etsy shops have the same name?

You can’t sell the same product listings in separate shops. Etsy Seller policy prohibits any items to be listed in multiple shops. Remember to put the titles of both shops in your Etsy public profile. To keep away from duplication, You need to mention the name of your other shops in your account profile.

What is a catchy name?

A catchy business name is usually one that looks interesting (in terms of alliteration or spelling), sounds interesting (in terms of rhyme), or is short and easy to remember. To create a catchy business name, you should consider relevant keywords and how they work together.

How do I name my small business?

Guidelines for Business Name Ideas

  1. Understand your business. As with many business processes, naming requires a solid understanding of your company.
  2. Use descriptive words.
  3. Be literal.
  4. Choose a name style.
  5. Avoid hard-to-spell names.
  6. Tell a story.
  7. Get feedback on the name.
  8. Do not be too narrow.

How many Etsy shops can you have?

Can I have more than two Etsy shops? Yes, you can have more than two Etsy shops. Follow the same instructions in this article to open further shops. Be sure to accurately represent your businesses and make sure that each account complies with Etsy’s Seller Policy.

What is the most popular thing to sell on Etsy?

Craft & Supplies is the top-selling category on Etsy with most sales. You can opt for craft essentials, miniatures, tools for jewelry, beads, and much more.

What is a handling fee on Etsy?

A handling fee is an amount charged to a customer on top of the order subtotal and shipping fees. It covers the cost of expenses related to fulfillment, such as warehouse storage cost, shipment cost, and packing cost. Handling fees are charged once per order but not to each individual product in an order.

Can I close my Etsy shop and open a new one with the same name?

Yes, two Etsy shops can have the same name.

Can I delete my Etsy shop and start over? Permanently deleting your Etsy account can’t be undone.

You can reopen your shop at any time. Unsubscribing from Etsy emails: You can keep your account open and change your email subscription settings.

How many times can you change Etsy shop name?

Once your business is open, you can alter the name in Info & Appearance up to five times. If you need to change it again, use the same form to Etsy Support to submit a name change request.

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