Who started the war in Fallout?

by Alexis M.

The Great War started and ended on Saturday, October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by all the nuclear-capable nations of the Fallout world (mainly from the United States, China and the USSR). The exchange lasted for approximately two hours, according to most survivors’ accounts..

Is Fallout 76 a cannon?

In my personal opinion, Fallout 76 is semi canon, Things like Vault 76, Enclave installations, the Free States, the Responders, the chinese remnants, and US Government and military (alias ENCLAVE) installations DO exist in the canon Fallout universe.

Is there a vault 1 in Fallout?

Vault 1 is one of the Vault series of fallout shelters developed by the Vault-Tec Corporation, located somewhere in the Great Midwest Commonwealth. The Vault’s role in the experiment is unknown.

How many fallouts are there?

There have been six full role-playing titles in the series (Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76), one squad-based tactical RPG combat spin-off (Fallout Tactics), one action RPG dungeon-crawler spin-off (Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel) and one simulation game (Fallout Shelter).

Is the Brotherhood of Fallout canon?

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel is treated as non-canon by Bethesda Softworks. Canceled games, such as Van Buren, Project V13, Fallout Extreme, Fallout Tactics 2 and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 are non-canon, unless aspects of these games are confirmed by other canon sources.

What order should I play Fallout?

All Fallout Games in Order of Release Date

  1. Fallout 1 – 1997 (Main Series)
  2. Fallout 2 – 1998 (Main Series)
  3. Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel – 2001 (Spin-off)
  4. Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel – 2004 (Spin-off)
  5. Fallout 3 – 2008 (Main Series)
  6. Fallout New Vegas – 2010 (Spin-off)
  7. Fallout 4 – 2015 (Main Series)

Are all the Fallout games connected?

With each Fallout comes a new storyline, but all the games are connected through a complicated history of wars, various groups looking to control the world, and hard choices to make for the greater good (or yourself, should you please in a selfish manner).

Does Fallout 3 and 4 happen at the same time?

Fallout 4 takes place in the year 2287, ten years after the events of Fallout 3.

Was Vault 76 a Controlvault? It was not intended to house America’s “best and brightest” to rebuild after the bombs.

Why is Vault-Tec so evil?

1 Evil: It Never Asked For Consent

Vault-Tec may have done humanity a service by saving a chunk of its population, but its biggest flaw is its lack of ethics. The company isn’t exactly known for being trustworthy, often keeping people in the dark or just not even telling them the truth.

What new Vegas ending is canon?

For Fallout: New Vegas, I used the same technique and found that the ‘canon’ end to New Vegas would be assisting the NCR to take Hover Dam and driving Ceaser’s Legion out of the area and annexing The Strip and the surrounding communities.

What was Vault 21 experiment?

Vault 21 is an old Vault-Tec Vault that has been turned into a casino and hotel. Vault 21 was subject to an experiment where all inhabitants were treated as equals. All problems in Vault 21 were solved with gambling rather than violence or authority. Eventually Mr.

What was Vault 11 experiment?

As with the majority of other Vault-Tec Vaults, Vault 11 served as a social experiment. Vault 11’s experiment was that the inhabitants were told to sacrifice one of their fellow Vault dwellers each year or else the Vault computer would kill everyone.

What Fallout games are not canon?


  • Fallout manual.
  • Fallout 2 manual.
  • Fallout 3 manual.
  • Fallout: New Vegas manual.
  • Fallout 4 manual.
  • Fallout 76 manual.

Why is Fallout Tactics not canon? On the Fallout Wiki page, it states that Fallout: Tactics is considered non-canon because of Bethesda’s decision to do.

Can the brotherhood join the NCR? You can not get BoS and NCR to fight together in the endgame, but you can get them together.

Will Obsidian make another Fallout? No Fallout: New Vegas sequel has been announced at the time of this writing, but a reputable insider claims that early talks have started. According to insider Jeff Grubb, there are talks at Microsoft to give Obsidian Entertainment the chance to make Fallout: New Vegas 2.

Who nuked the US in Fallout 4?

China resorted to using nuclear weapons against America, which turned the world into a wasteland. The Sino-American conflict started in 2066, so it had been going on for about ten years by 2077. With nukes flying all over the sky, the world was plunged into chaos and the setting of Fallout was made.

What was the true purpose of Vault 111?

Vault 111 was constructed to observe the effects of long-term cryogenic stasis on unsuspecting test subjects, most of whom were residents of the nearby neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills and the town of Concord. Due to the nature of this experiment, the Vault was assigned only a skeleton crew of scientists and guards.

Why is everything in Fallout from the 50s?

Fallout’s culture stayed in the 1950’s and early 60s. Reason why everything is advanced in 2077 by the time the bombs fall but they have that futuristic 50s/60s feel to them. Basically it’s what the people in the 50s/early 60s thought the future would be, which is Fallout.

Who fired first in the Great war Fallout?

3.0 3.1 Fallout Bible 0: “2077 October 23 Great War: Bombs are launched; who struck first is unknown and it is not even known if the bombs came from China or America. Air raid sirens sound, but very few people go into vaults, thinking it is a false alarm. The Vaults are sealed.”

How do I protect my house from nuclear Fallout?

Stay inside. Close and lock all windows and doors. Go to the basement or the middle of the building. Radioactive material settles on the outside of buildings; so the best thing to do is stay as far away from the walls and roof of the building as you can.

What was Vault 18 experiment?

In reality, the purpose of the vault’s experiment was to monitor the reaction of a vault population with knowledge of the social experiments being conducted in the other vaults.

Can you get a Deathclaw companion in Fallout 4?

Because Deathclaws cannot be fully tamed to be companions – the only way they can be docile is with speacial wave beam in your settlements that comes with DLC; same as mirelurks.

What was Vault 17? 1 Vault 17

Vault 17 has not been seen in a game yet, but is mentioned by the companion Lily Bowen in Fallout New Vegas. Lily lived there with her grandkids until she was kidnapped by The Master’s army, turning her into a nightkin. It could be assumed the vault was destroyed during this invasion.

Can the BoS side with yes man?

Although the Brotherhood of Steel will not side with the Courier and Yes Man, one has three solutions: Destroy Hidden Valley.

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