Who is using Twilio?

by Alexis M.
Who is using Twilio?

More than a million developers and leading brands are using Twilio to build innovative communications solutions:

  • Trulia uses Twilio to track and connect real estate agents with home buyers.
  • Lyft and Match.com enable users to communicate directly with each other without revealing their private phone numbers.


What is Twilio static proxy?

Static Proxy

Use a predictable set of IP addresses that can be added to an on-prem firewall or security device.

What exactly does Twilio do?

Twilio turns real-world events into virtual signals that software can handle, and TwiML is the core technology Twilio provides that allows developers to easily respond to those real-world events. Developers get to use the same languages and protocols they’re already using in their web applications.

How secure is twilio?

Twilio is certified under ISO/IEC 27001, secures data between customer applications, and supports TLS 1.2 encryption. We maintain strict governance and protection standards to ensure data is appropriately stored, processed, and handled by our people, systems and technology.

What is twilio verify?

The Twilio Verify REST API allows you to verify that a user has a claimed device in their possession. The API lets you request a verification code to be sent to the user and to check that a received code is valid.

Where is twilio data stored?

* Voice traffic, which includes data relating to the transmission of telephone calls utilizing Twilio’s platform, such as call recordings, transcripts, time of day, call duration and minutes of use, is ingested, stored and processed in Ireland.

Is twilio video encrypted?

Twilio Programmable Video is based on the open standard WebRTC protocol. The security architecture is described here and the protocols used include TLS, DTLS and SRTP. All communication between a Programmable Video client and the Twilio cloud is encrypted.

What is twilio used for?

Twilio Frontline is a programmable mobile application that enables digital relationships over messaging and voice to improve sales efficiency and outcomes. Integrate the app with any CRM or customer database and start building meaningful relationships with customers.

Is twilio free? Twilio offers a free trial so you can get familiar with the platform and test the different capabilities.

Does Amazon use Twilio?

“Amazon Web Services truly embodies the spirit of iteration upon which Twilio was built,” said CEO and Co-Founder Jeff Lawson . “With this latest collaboration, we’re strengthening the communications ecosystem with scalable, efficient tools that ensure the best option for delivering a message is available.”

How does twilio Proxy work?

Twilio Proxy simplifies the task of masking the communications between two parties (aka masked phone numbers or masked calling). Proxy automatically provides a number and associates two numbers together in order to forward messages and calls back and forth.

Does WhatsApp use Twilio?

WhatsApp is the most popular OTT app in many parts of the world. With the WhatsApp Business API with Twilio, you can reach more than 1.5 billion WhatsApp users. You can send notifications, have two-way conversations, or build chatbots.

Does SNS use Twilio?

As far as we can tell then, the SNS messaging service now at least partially relies on Twilio’s network to send messages for some of its users.

What is twilio SDK?

Twilio’s JavaScript SDKs are used in the browser to create video conversations, make VoIP phone calls, or implement real-time chat. Get started with the SDK you need. TaskRouter. Sync.

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How do I use a twilio number? Click the Twilio number you want to use for your calls in your Active Numbers here. Scroll down to the A CALL COMES IN dropdown in the Voice section and select Studio Flow. Select your new Flow in the Select a Flow dropdown to the right. Hit Save at the bottom, and you’ll be all set to test your app!

What is twilio Flex? Twilio Flex is a cloud-based contact center that is built on top of Twilio’s cloud communications platform. It enables you to create the exact omnichannel contact center experience that you want for your customers, agents, and supervisors.

Who are Twilio’s largest customers?

Uber and Facebook’s WhatsApp are Twilio’s two biggest customers.

Is Twilio a cloud?

Specifically, Twilio is a cloud communications platform.

Does Facebook use Twilio?

Best of all, Facebook messages are controlled by Twilio’s existing Programmable SMS API. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Who audits Twilio?

Who are Twilio’s auditors for the year ended December 31, 2020? KPMG.

Does Uber still use Twilio?

Twilio provides Uber with communications that cover all the countries and cities where it operates.

What is Twilio good for?

Twilio Frontline is a programmable mobile application that enables digital relationships over messaging and voice to improve sales efficiency and outcomes. Integrate the app with any CRM or customer database and start building meaningful relationships with customers.

Why should I join Twilio?

That’s because Twilio’s offer is simple and compelling for business as well as the IT team. We give software developers the toolkit they need to build magical communications experiences – experiences that involve phone calls, email, text messages, instant messaging chatbots, live chat and video.

Is twilio encrypted? Encrypted Communication

Twilio supports encryption to protect communications between Twilio and your web application.

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