Where can I download the summertime saga app?

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Where can I download the summertime saga app?

Go to https://summertimesaga.com/download on your phone. 3. Choose a download listed under “Android” and download the file..

Is Summer Time saga an offline game?

In this app, You will find all the solution which summer time saga the real game offline involves quest associated with Eve, Jenny, Diane, Roxxy, Teachers, Debbie, Mrs. Johnson, Aqua and Daisy.

What is the latest version of summertime saga for Android?

Summertime Saga Apk Download Official

Name Summertime Saga Apk
Version 0.20.13
Updates Jan 2022
Requirements Android 5 or Above.
Rating 4.2

Is summertime saga a real game?

Requirements: Android 5 or Above. Summertime Saga For Android is one of the most popular Adventurous and story-oriented games for android. Summertime Saga is a visual style novel and an explicit dating game that follows the story of a protagonist who tries to find the truth about his father’s date and finding a date.

Can I download summertime saga on Android?

Download Summertime Saga 0.20.14 for Android.

How do you get Eve’s art pad?

If you don’t already have the master key go to Mrs Smith’s office on the 3rd floor and go into her desk draw to get it. Then get the art out of Eve’s locker. Give the art to Chad and he will give you the art pad for you to take back to art class.

What is the subscription number and password of Pink Channel?

So sneak up to Jenny’s room, access her PC and check her email. The one from the Pink Channel has her login details (ID: L6BV12R password: 12345).

Where can I get magazines in the summertime?

Magazine Locations

  • Find the first stack in the teacher’s lounge on the second floor at school by talking to Miss Dewitt and having high enough intelligence to answer her question.
  • The second you can get at the basketball courts but you’ll need to have the dexterity to slip away from Dexter.

How can I play summertime on my phone?

How do you gain strength in summertime saga?

How To Gain Strength. You will need to play the strength mini-game at the gym by selecting the weights bench to improve your strength. Unfortunately, you need someone to spot you before you can do this so you will need to get Kevin’s help.

What is the latest version of summertime saga for PC?

Key Features of Summertime Saga For Windows:

Name: Summertime Saga For PC
Version: 0.20.13
Requirement: Windows 10, 7 or XP
Rating: 4.2
Release Date: Jan 2022

• Apr 15, 2022

How do you beat the rap battle in summertime saga?

To participate in a rap battle, you need to first have talked to Eve in your French class and then go to the Park at night. To win a rap battle you need to choose the option that will make what you’re saying rhyme within the time limit.

Can you play summertime saga PC?

How To Download and Install Summertime Saga For PC: Not only on Android but you can also download this game to other devices like Windows, MAC, and Linux officially.

How do I get Dexter’s book?

Instead, you need to have the master key to get into his locker. Get it from Mrs Smith’s desk when she’s not looking then head to the auditorium corridor to get into the banged-up locker which is Dexter’s. Once you have all the books return to the library and she’ll provide you with your book about cheese.

How do you get Mrs Smith’s DNA?

Mrs Smith’s DNA – Go to Mrs Smith’s office and talk to Annie. Talk to her again to distract her and then go inside and grab a tissue from her trash can. Vegetable Stock – Head to ConsumR at the mall and ask the clerk about Vegetable stock.

What is the size of summertime saga for PC?

More information

Category Adventures
Size 1.08 GB
Downloads 2,633,722
Date May 3rd, 2022
SHA256 356b2d2640d3f9621f14323ccb986a1046df0ad0e0a1bcddd88ffa17c1003feb

Is summertime saga a PC game?

Download, Install and Play Summertime Saga on your Windows PC or MAC for free.

Can you download Summertime on laptop?

Summertime Saga for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free.

Where is Chad in summertime saga?

Go to the park and grab her bag which is sitting by the right bench. Unfortunately, there’s no pad in her bag but return it to her anyway to find out Chad may have taken the pad. Chad is in the same corridor, so talk to him and he admits he has the pad but won’t give it to you unless you can get him a drawing Eve drew.

How do you get the master key in summertime? To get the Master Key head into Mrs Smith’s office on the 3rd floor at school during the afternoon. Usually, her office will be empty and you can go into her desk to get the key.

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