What should I write in a gift message?

by Alexander A.

Use words like Generous, Generosity, Useful, Perfect, Thoughtful, Appreciate, Grateful, Much Needed, Always Treasure.

  1. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I owe you big time.
  3. Thanks for being there.
  4. I’ll never forget your kindness.
  5. Thank you for being my biggest supporter.


How do I add a gift to a text message?

How do I give a surprise gift?

Know This Before Planning the Surprise Gift

  1. Find What the Recipient Likes.
  2. Find a Safe Place.
  3. Maintain Self-Control.
  4. Get it Delivered by the Least Expected Person.
  5. Turn it into an Unexpected Discovery.
  6. Hide it within a Mailed Surprise Reveal Card.
  7. Use the Trojan Horse.
  8. Add a Surprise to His Favourite Book.

What do you write on a surprise gift card?

Just Because’ Messages for a Gift Card

  1. “I saw this, and it made me think of you.” Have you ever been out and about when you saw an item that reminded you of someone?
  2. “I hope this brightens your new home.”
  3. “Hope this brightens your day.”
  4. “I know you’ve been coveting something from here.”
  5. “I couldn’t resist.”

What can I write in a gift card for a friend?

Best friends forever and always, you and me! I love you, friend. Sending a hug and a smile your way, to you let you know that I am thinking of you my friend, today. To my friend, sending a note to brighten your day, as you have brightened so many of mine.

How do you write a nice card?

Here are some tips for card and letter writing from our Hallmark writers:

  1. Open it up. Start with “dear” or even “dearest.” Or try “hi” or “hello” or the old-school charm of “greetings.” Add the recipient’s name and you’re off!
  2. Say why you’re writing.
  3. Go on a bit.
  4. Reaffirm your relationship.
  5. Say it again.
  6. Finish strong.

How do you express surprise text?


  1. ooh. interjection. used for showing a reaction such as surprise, excitement, or pleasure.
  2. wow. interjection. informal used for showing that you are very surprised or impressed by something.
  3. well. interjection.
  4. good/oh Lord. phrase.
  5. hey. interjection.
  6. oh. interjection.
  7. aah. interjection.
  8. say. interjection.

How do you express surprise in writing?

When writing about a surprise, you need to let the story do the talking. Avoid creating false urgency with words and phrases like suddenly, out of nowhere, and unexpectedly. Also, revise to avoid forms of the verb to be (is, are, was, were, be, being, been) in conjunction with surprise.

How do you surprise someone with a word? Ways of saying that you are surprised or shocked – thesaurus

  1. funnily enough. phrase.
  2. you don’t say. phrase.
  3. heavens above. phrase.
  4. Well, I never (did) phrase.
  5. is that a fact? phrase.
  6. you would not believe. phrase.
  7. of all things/people/places. phrase.
  8. now I’ve seen everything/it all. phrase.

How do I give someone a gift on messenger?

Open a chat and type the message that you want to send as a gift. Tap the ‘search icon’ on the right side of the message box. Select the Star tab and tap the gift wrap effect shown under send effects. Your gift wrapped text message will now be sent.

What do you write on a just because card?

Just Because / No Special Occasion

  • Just because I love you
  • For the best reason of all – none.
  • May your day be as wonderful as you are.
  • Just because you’re you.
  • I hope you’re my friend forever.
  • To brighten your day!
  • Hope these make your ordinary day, extraordinary!
  • Just wanted to brighten up your day!

What should I say to surprise someone?

I am so excited!” #3) “This is such a nice surprise, thanks so much for this.” #4) “Unbelievable, I never expected it.” #5) “Wow, this is great, I appreciate this.”

How can I surprise someone with news?

8 Better Ways to Deliver Good News to a Loved One

  1. Use Social Media.
  2. Wrap the News Into a Gift.
  3. 3. Mail the News.
  4. Gift Something.
  5. Host an Event.
  6. Video Announcement.
  7. Bake Something Sweet.
  8. Have an In-Person Conversation.

How do you announce a gift?

6 unique ways to reveal your gift

  1. THE HUNT. Instead of handing over a gift-wrapped box, give your friend or partner a clue that leads them to where the gift is.
  2. THE FAKE-OUT. It can be boring to be handed a wine-bottle-shaped gift that turns out to be just that.

How do you make clues for a present? List the locations for your clues in order, like this:

  1. Hall closet—blue jacket.
  2. Kiddo’s bedroom—under pillow.
  3. Front door—under mat.
  4. Pantry—broom.
  5. Hall bathroom—behind soap.
  6. Family room bookshelf—tucked in All the Ways I Love You.
  7. Dog—taped around collar.
  8. Kiddo’s bedroom—inside lampshade.

How can I surprise online?

  3. Birthday Videos. Shower all your love by pouring it into a video.
  4. Instagram Page.
  5. Treasure Hunt.
  6. PDF.
  7. Netflix Party.
  8. Bake a cake.

How do you respond to a surprise message? I am so excited!” #3) “This is such a nice surprise, thanks so much for this.” #4) “Unbelievable, I never expected it.” #5) “Wow, this is great, I appreciate this.”

What is a gift note?

A voluntary transfer of property or of a property interest from one individual to another, made gratuitously to the recipient.

What do you say in a surprise gift?

You can thank the person for what you *do* appreciate about the gift; for example: “It was so thoughtful of you to bring me something from your vacation!” “I am so grateful you always think of us around the holidays.” “I was so surprised to get a package in the mail!

Do you write amount on gift card?

Always make sure that the dollar amount you give is visible on the card or write it down. Of course, etiquette is fine, but always make sure that it’s something that you can afford. Just like you would with any gift, review your budget to see what you can afford to give.

How do you write a short message to a friend?

What to Say to Someone

  1. You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.
  2. You are the most perfect you there is.
  3. You are enough.
  4. You are one of the strongest people I know.
  5. You look great today.
  6. You have the best smile.
  7. Your outlook on life is amazing.
  8. You just light up the room.

What can I write on a card to brighten someone’s day?

Lighthearted Wishes

Hope your day is easier and brighter… knowing someone is thinking of you. Something’s on my mind…YOU! Just stopping by with a friendly, “Hi!”

What do you write on a greeting card?

Start with “dear” or even “dearest.” Or try “hi” or “hello” or the old-school charm of “greetings.” Add the recipient’s name and you’re off! Say why you’re writing. If you’re sending a greeting card that already explains it, skip this step. Otherwise, let the recipient know what got you thinking of them today.

What to say in a thinking of you note?

It’s hard to go wrong by letting your friend or loved one know you’ve been thinking about them .

In fact, it’s pretty much an automatic feel-good message.

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you.”
  2. “You’ve been on my mind a lot lately.”
  3. “Thinking of you always makes my day.”
  4. “Just wanted to send some happy thoughts your way today.”

Where do you write message on card? When using vertical or portrait cards, begin on the inner right side. (The inner left side is the back of the front cover.) When your message extends beyond one page, continue writing on the back of the card, and finish the message on the inner left side of the card.

What is the average gift card amount?

Roughly two billion cards were purchased last year in the U.S., according consulting firm A.T. Kearney. The typical gift card amount is around $50 for a restaurant or department store.

Is a $10 gift card too cheap? A gift card of $10-$25 is appropriate; less is “cheap, ” and more is not necessary. Whether you are purchasing a gift or making a gift, the value of the gift should not exceed $50.00. This does not mean you have to spend $50 on a gift but that the value of the gift should not exceed $50.

Is it rude to give money as a gift?

Giving money as a gift—or even asking for money as a gift—used to be considered a bit tacky. But not anymore. “Money is an appropriate gift,” says etiquette expert Elaine Swann, founder of The Swann School of Protocol. “Studies that have said that it is the most welcomed gift—the one gift that most people want.”

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