What is a hatchet man tattoo?

by Maria Feer

It often represents a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The hatchet man tattoo is a symbol of strength and power. It is often worn by those who are in the military or law enforcement, as it represents the ability to do what is necessary to protect and serve..

What are ICP fans called?

A Juggalo is a fan of the rap duo Insane Clown Posse, also known as ICP.

Who left Psychopathic Records?

On February 26, 2017 it was announced that artist Blahzay Roze has left Psychopathic Records. On September 6, 2017 at ICP’s Surprize Guerrilla Show it was announced that one half of the underground hip-hop duo “Swag Toof” by the name of Ouija Macc was signed to Psychopathic Records.

What do Juggalos believe in?

However, that isn’t to say that there’s not a religious element to being a juggalo. Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse has been open about the fact that the two members of the group have a strong belief in heaven and hell and they’re trying to make sure as many of their fans as possible get into heaven.

Why do Juggalos say whoop whoop?

At the Gathering of the Juggalos, even old-school Juggalos at the end of the day almost dread that, because you can’t go 10 feet without saying “whoop whoop” 20 times because there’s so many people at the Gathering that every few steps you’re seeing a new person, so you gotta give them a “whoop whoop.” And, oh, you can

Why do Juggalos paint their faces?

The face paint is an important part of their respective characters, and wearing the makeup allows Juggalos to identify each other more easily. It not only bonds them together as fans, but it also connects them to the band they love.

Is it illegal to be a Juggalo?

As a result, Juggalos have been classified as a criminal street gang by government and law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Gang Intelligence Center, and the states of Arizona, California, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Why do ICP fans drink Faygo?

The Beastie Boys rapped about White Castle hamburgers. So ICP decided to rap about Faygo. “Faygo is a Detroit-made pop, you know?” he says. “So we name-dropped it in a bunch of lyrics, and then we finally had some of it onstage to drink during the show.”

Are stitches Juggalo? Meet Stitches, the 18 year old kid that burst on the scene like a Juggalo Gucci Mane — Acclaim Magazine.

What does an AXE tattoo mean?

A symbol of more than just manual labor, the axe is a representation of the wild world as it was once carved out by man. Chopping wood, tending to the fires, and building his empire from the forest floor up are all poignant connotations carried by the axe.

Can anyone be a Juggalo?

To be a Juggalo you have to appreciate the music of Insane Clown Posse and the other artists on the Psychopathic Record label. Juggalos attend the concerts and events of the band as well as adopt the Juggalo lifestyle.

What does 3 stripes tattoo mean?

The three stripes tattoo is rarely used for honoring the dead and mourning loved ones. Instead, it is used for positive feelings such as peace and harmony. However, the most important thing it symbolizes is continuity and uniformity. Three stripes are primarily used for expressing the symmetry of various things.

What does a hammer tattoo mean?

A hammer tattoo can represent hard work, strength, endurance, masculinity, creation and new starts. Hammer tattoos often done as a memorial tattoo to represent a lost father or loved one who had ties to building or fixing things.

Are Juggalos violent?

Juggalo gang members are notable for their tendency toward extremely brutal and wanton violence. Juggalo gangs generally prefer edged weapons such as hatchets, machetes, and medieval battle-axes to firearms, and said gangs have been linked to a string of grisly murders throughout the United States.

What does the 2 rings tattoo mean? As mentioned earlier, although the key symbolism for this type of tattoos is morning, they also represent strength and power, courage, protection, and other traits. However, most of the other meanings connect to the meaning of remembrance, mourning, and honoring the dead.

What does a solid black band tattoo mean? Traditionally, a solid black armband tattoo can represent the loss of a loved one. After all, black is the color of death and mourning. The shape effectively symbolizes the act of wearing the memory of the deceased on your sleeve.

What do solid black tattoos mean? Basically, a blackout tattoo is when a major portion of the tatted area is fully filled in with solid black ink. It’s typically meant to cover up bad tattoo work, but can also make for really cool negative space designs. The more you know! Related Stories.

What does it mean when a Juggalo says Whoop whoop?

OK, so let’s think about what this means: You say “whoop whoop” when you run into a fellow Juggalo (a member of your hive). You say it when you’re drunk or sober, meaning it has many meanings. And most importantly, let’s emphasize, “even sometimes when you’re sad, you can say, like, ‘Whoop whoop, man.

What does the 23 tattoo mean?

18 – This tattoo represents the initials of Adolf Hitler, using the first (“A”) and eighth (“H”) letters of the alphabet. • 23 – Represents the 23rd letter of the alphabet, “W”. Used by white supremacists and skinheads. Unauthorized and/or inappropriate tattoos and symbols By ENCS (SW) Darrell C.

Why do Juggalos drink Faygo?

They don’t have to, anyway — not only will Juggalos keep giving them love, but so will the metro Detroit area and other low-income pockets of the country that love it. Because for most Faygo drinkers, their allegiance is ultimately the result of two things: It’s cheap, and it’s abundant.

What noise do Juggalos make?

It’s like when I was in the Marines; we had “ooh rah.” We would say “ooh rah” when something turned out good or we had a good mission. “Whoop whoop” is the same way. It’s an easy thing to say, it’s fun to say, and it can mean everything or nothing. And it sounds just the same, whether you’re drunk or sober.

Are stitches juggalo?

Meet Stitches, the 18 year old kid that burst on the scene like a Juggalo Gucci Mane — Acclaim Magazine.

Why is Twiztid beefing ICP?

Madrox says most fans came along for the ride, but some were resentful. This year the split between ICP and Twiztid widened when the latter refused to participate in ICP’s Juggalo March on Washington in September. Then, ICP didn’t uphold tradition and invite Twiztid to the Gathering of the Juggalos.

Are ICP and Twiztid beefing?

The beef between the two groups heats up in just-released clip. The feud between Insane Clown Posse and their former labelmates and proteges Twiztid is no longer underground.

Are there black Juggalos? For example, although black Juggalos are often underrepresented, they still feel a part of the community. One black Juggalo stated about her Juggalo experience, “I don’t see a lot of us [black Juggalos] out there obviously, but when I go to a Gathering or concert, I don’t even feel different.

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