What do I do if my HP desktop won’t turn on?

by Maria Feer
Where is the power button?

Perform a power reset on your desktop computer.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Disconnect any peripheral devices, and then unplug the power cord.
  3. With the power cord unplugged, press and hold the Power button for approximately 15 seconds.
  4. After you drain the capacitors, plug in the power cord. …
  5. Turn on the computer.


How do I start my desktop computer?

How to turn on a desktop computer

  1. Find the On Button. The first step to using your computer is to turn it on. Sometimes the ‘on’ button can be tricky to find. …
  2. Press the Button. Press the button you’ve found to turn your computer on. On some computers the button will light up when you turn it on. …
  3. Log In.

When I press the power button on my computer nothing happens?

If you’re still getting absolutely nothing when you press the power button, look to see if your motherboard has any idle indicator lights to confirm that the motherboard is definitely receiving power. If not, then you might need a new power supply.

Why is my desktop blinking red?

A blinking red light near the CPU on the motherboard can indicate 2 things. 1st it can indicate the CPU is overheating. If you are able to load into windows, you can check the CPU temperature using the E-Leet tool. If windows cannot be loaded you can check in the hardware monitor in the bios.

What would cause a computer to not turn on?

Why won’t my computer turn on?

  • I’m not sure if my computer is turning on.
  • Power cord not connected properly.
  • Power strip or outlet.
  • Bad power cable.
  • Power supply switch.
  • Incorrect power supply.
  • Third-party hardware.
  • Bad power supply, button, power board, or inverter.

What is beep code in computer?

A beep code is the audio signal given out by a computer to announce the result of a short diagnostic testing sequence the computer performs when first powering up (called the Power-On-Self-Test or POST).

Why is my computer blinking and not turning on?

A laptop power button can keep blinking but not turn on because of a BIOS or CPU failure. One reason for the laptop power button blinking but not turning ON could be due to a battery that is about to die. If the battery is working below the required level, then the system will not power ON completely.

What does a blinking power button mean?

A blinking power button means that the computer is still very much alive, but it is handling some issues that need no or zero participation by us the users. Many of our devices are even smart enough to go to sleep automatically, when we leave them alone for a time.

Is my power supply on or off? Power buttons and switches are usually labeled with “I” and “O” symbols. The “I” represents power on, and the “O” represents power off.

Where is the button to turn on a PC?

How to turn on a desktop computer. Locate and press the power button on the front or top of the computer. The button should be similar to the picture shown at the top of this page. When looking for the computer button, look in the middle center or top-right corner of the computer case.

Why won’t my monitors turn on?

Check the power cable

If the power cord is removable from the back of the monitor, try replacing it with another power cable. If you still cannot turn on the monitor after trying another wall outlet and cable, the monitor is broken and should be replaced.

Why won’t my computer turn on even though it’s plugged in?

If your laptop won’t power on, even when it’s plugged in could have a faulty power supply, battery, motherboard, video card or RAM. When troubleshooting a laptop that won’t start, begin with the basics. Ensure the plug to the power cord is plugged into an outlet and to the computer.

Why does my PC won’t turn on?

Make sure any surge protector or power strip is correctly plugged into the outlet, and that the power switch is on. Plug in other devices to the power strip and confirm they are operating properly. Double-check that your PC’s power supply on/off switch is on.

What to do if your computer turns on but the screen is black?

Fix 1: Force restart your computer

If all you see is a black screen after pressing the power button, try pressing the power button for 10 seconds to force shut down your PC, then turn it on. Doing this repeatedly for three times, the Windows Startup repair should launch automatically.

Where is the power button on HP monitor? Press the power button under the right side of the bezel on the monitor to turn it on.

How do I fix a black screen on my HP desktop? Follow these steps to perform a hard reset:

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards.
  3. Disconnect the AC power adapter.
  4. Press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds.
  5. Reconnect the AC power adapter.
  6. Turn on the computer.

How do you turn on a computer without a power button? How to Turn on a Computer Without a Power Switch

  1. Shutdown the computer.
  2. Enter the BIOS password if prompted to do so.
  3. Move the cursor to the “Power Management” or “ACPI Management” option.
  4. Press the “+” or “-” key to change the “Wake on Keyboard” or “Power on by Keyboard” option value setting to “Enabled.”

Why is my HP Prodesk not turning on?

Unplug the AC adapter from the computer. Next – Press and Hold the Power button for 15 seconds to Hard Reset. AND/OR – Power on your PC, press Esc (repeatedly), then F2 at the prompt. Choose System Tests (Fast Test does a 4 minute hardware check).

What do 5 beeps on a computer mean?

5 Beeps – Processor Failure.

When I turn on my computer the power button blinks?

Yes, if the computer is sleep or standby mode it is normal for the power light LED to flash, or blink. This lets you know the computer is still on, and that it’s in a power-saving mode. If your computer is in this mode, press any keyboard key or button on a mouse to exit power saving mode.

Why is my HP computer screen black?

One of the common causes is the hardware faulty, such as the loose connection of your GPU, or the bad cables or port can also result in the screen not working. Apart from the hardware issue, your laptop screen can be black because of the software problems, such as the virus or the software corruption.

How do I know if my motherboard has power?

Remove RAM and discrete GPU

If you know your motherboard has working power indicators (i.e., lights or an LED readout), try pulling the RAM and GPU to see if the motherboard will power on without those components.

Why is my PC on but no display?

If your computer starts but displays nothing, you should check is if your monitor is working properly. Check the power light of your monitor to verify that it’s turned on. If your monitor won’t turn on, unplug the power adapter of your monitor, and then plug it back into the power outlet.

Why is my PC beeping and not turning on?

A computer will beep and refuse to boot if new hardware is installed incorrectly. The hardware may be incompatible with the motherboard if it is correctly installed and still creating POST errors. For example, Intel boards beep twice in POST if the CPU is incompatible.

What does 3 long beeps mean on a computer? Three beeps that repeat after a pause and occur when you power on your computer indicate a problem with the system memory.

What happens when your motherboard dies?

The motherboard is the computer, so the usual symptom of a failed motherboard is a completely dead system. Fans, drives, and other peripherals may spin up if the motherboard is dead, but more often nothing at all happens when you turn on the power. No beeps, no lights, no fans, nothing.

How do I jump start my motherboard?

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