What are the rare Disney Infinity characters?

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Is Disney Infinity dead?

  1. 1 Peter Pan (Unreleased)
  2. 2 Sorcerer Mickey Mouse (Disney Infinity 1.0) …
  3. 3 Light FX Kylo Ren (Disney Infinity 3.0) …
  4. 4 Black Suit Spider-Man (Disney Infinity 3.0) …
  5. 5 Hulkbuster (Disney Infinity 3.0) …
  6. 6 Captain America: The First Avenger (Disney Infinity 3.0) …
  7. 7 Ant-Man (Disney Infinity 3.0) …
  8. 8 Alice (Disney Infinity 3.0) …


Can you still get Disney Infinity characters?

Disney Infinity was discontinued a few months back. The game and figures have still been available for purchase since then. The Steam versions of Disney Infinity 2.0 & 3.0 will remain operational with the exception of all online services and community features as these will be discontinued.

Can you play as Peter Pan in Disney Infinity?

Peter Pan is the protagonist of the movie of the same name. He was going to be playable in Disney Infinity 3.0, but was scrapped upon the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the closing of Avalanche Software.

What is the rarest Disney pin?

In terms of rarity, the Dream Jeweled Mickey is one of the rarest Disney pins ever made and a collector’s dream item. It’s packed full of special features that add to the pin’s value. Each of the three pins has 130 precious gems including garnets, black sapphires and real diamonds.

Is Scarlet Witch in Disney Infinity?

The character does not appear in the new Disney Infinity set, but the company is working on a Scarlet Witch Marvel Legends action figure, and will include the character in other products.

What does a hidden Mickey pin mean?

The Hidden Mickey Collection is a way for Cast Members at Disney Parks and Resorts to trade unique pins with Guests. Guests can trade up to two (2) Hidden Mickey pins per Cast Member, per day. “Hidden Mickey Pin” is featured in a small box on the back stamp of each pin. Disneyland® Resort Checklists.

Are Hidden Mickeys still a thing?

Disney’s Florida flagship resort is the Grand Floridian, and there are Hidden Mickeys everywhere there. Be sure to look down at the floor in the main lobby since you’ll see plenty of them there. Remember, you can find Hidden Mickeys at all of the hotels, so look for them no matter where you’re staying.

Is Expedition Everest a Hidden Mickey?

One Hidden Mickey found on the attraction is so massive that it actually cannot be seen from the park. Guests who check out a map and pull up an aerial view of Expedition Everest will notice that its track forms two large loops that protrude out of the mountain to form a classic Hidden Mickey.

Is there only one Mickey Mouse in Disney World? When it comes to the Disney characters in the park, there is only one Mickey Mouse, although he seems to get around to a lot of different places on property very quickly.

How many Disney Infinity figures are there in total?

There are a total of 36 Character Figures for this Edition, including seven Crystal Figures exclusive to some retailers. This includes Character Figures for the Play Sets, as well as six other Disney and Pixar franchises.

What is the biggest Hidden Mickey?

The largest Hidden Mickey at the Disneyland Resort is right down Disneyland Dr., between the overflow parking lot and the left side of Disney California Adventure. It is made up of two round Flower beds and curved walkways located on Disneyland Drive. Thank you for reading.

What was the first Disney pin?

Wow! How did we get so many pins in only two years? Maybe we should blame it all on Jiminy Cricket or the Blue Fairy. After all, she gave Jiminy his “Official Conscience” pin, which was the very first Disney pin.

Can you trade fake pins at Disney?

These pins are not authorized Disney and are not tradable in the parks. Some collectors will trade for them though depending on the design and edition size. Unfortunately, a bulk of what you find on pin boards and cast lanyards are scrappers or fakes.

Is there a Hidden Mickey in every Disney movie?

While Marvel has Stan Lee, Disney has Mickey Mouse – and unlike Stan Lee’s Easter eggs, the Mickeys in Disney films are usually hidden.

What do the Hidden Mickeys look like? Hidden Mickeys can be found on attractions at Disney World, but are also dotted all around the parks and resorts. Usually, they are a combination of three circles that form the shape of a Mickey Mouse head – but could sometimes be a silhouette or a fully-drawn Mickey that’s disguised or hidden in an unusual location.

What does Le mean in pins? LE – Limited Edition. Pins that were part of a limited run. They will have a number against them (LE 200 means there were 200 pins)

Do cast members have to trade pins? You can also trade with any guest, just be aware that they aren’t obligated to accept the trade as cast members are. There are even groups that will hang out around pin trading shops and within Future World at Epcot that love to pin trade with other guests and show off their collections.

Who is the best Disney Infinity character?

6 Best Disney Infinity 3.0 Figures and Characters You Need to Own

  • Mickey Mouse. Come on, like you didn’t see this coming? …
  • Yoda. Easily one of the best new characters in Disney Infinity 3.0, and just like Mickey Mouse he’s small in stature but quick on the ground. …
  • Darth Vader. …
  • Boba Fett. …
  • Mulan. …
  • Sam Flynn.

How many Mickeys are there?

When you’re visiting Walt Disney World, you may feel like you’re starting to see Mickey everywhere! It’s not just you though, Disney did this on purpose. There are over 1200 Hidden Mickeys to be found around the Most Magical Place on Earth, ranging in all sorts of sizes.

Where is the smallest Hidden Mickey?

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

How many Hidden Mickeys are there?

Although approximately 1,000 Hidden Mickeys have been recorded, The Walt Disney Company has never compiled a complete list of all the “known” or “deliberate” Mickeys (whether created by an Imagineer or a Disney Cast Member), so there is no way to confirm or disprove any reported Mickey sightings.

What are rare Disney pins?

10 Rarest and Most Valuable Disney Pins Ever Created

  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Limited Edition 500 Pin.
  • Ariel Carousel Limited Edition 300 Pin.
  • Disney Employee Center Snow White Limited Edition 200 Pin.
  • Super Jumbo Maleficent Dragon Gate Pin.
  • Donald Duck Watch Pin.
  • Ariel Carousel Limited Edition 100 Pin – 2003.

What is the hidden Mickey on pins?

The Hidden Mickey Collection is a way for Cast Members at Disney Parks and Resorts to trade unique pins with Guests. Guests can trade up to two (2) Hidden Mickey pins per Cast Member, per day. “Hidden Mickey Pin” is featured in a small box on the back stamp of each pin.

What are the best Disney pins?

Top 10 Favorite Disney Pins Released in 2021

  • Old Hollywood Mickey and Friends Open Edition.
  • Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Open Edition Mystery Pins.
  • Mothers Day Limited Edition Frame Pins.
  • Starbucks Walt Disney World Open Edition Pin Set.

What is a scrapper Disney pin? A scrapper pin is a pin that was made by an official Disney factory/manufacturer but did not make quality control. Hence the name scrapper. These pins were meant to be scrapped but the factories decided to keep them and sell them (illegally) On eBay and other unofficial websites.

What do the colors on the back of Disney pins mean?

Pins come in various price ranges grouped by color. Each Pin Trading location will list the prices for each color, but as of 2018, they are: Green ($9.99) Silver ($9.99) Blue ($12.99) Yellow ($12.99) Pink ($14.99) but some special pins can sell for much higher (like name pins, which are not tradable anyway).

How many Hidden Mickeys are there in Walt Disney World? Hunting Hidden Mickeys is one of the incredibly fun things to do in the four theme parks and around Walt Disney World in Florida. Disney hides these characteristic shapes everywhere, and spotting one is always exciting. There are more than 1,000 Hidden Mickeys throughout Walt Disney World.

How many Hidden Mickeys are in Disneyland?

The book lists 419 Hidden Mickeys that can be found in Disneyland, Downtown Disney, the Disney hotels, and Disney’s California Adventure.

What is Chaser pin? A chaser is basically a pin released with some form of variation to the original pin design, that are more limited in numbers, and more difficult to get. For example, the Pixar mystery pins.each set of 4 has a chaser set featuring the same picture, but with a variation to the regular limited release pins.

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