How do I know if my Tumblr has been flagged?

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Is Tumblr Still Alive 2021?

Open the account tab (the silhouette of a person). Tap the gear icon. Tap “Review flagged posts” to see your flagged content. If you have multiple secondary blogs, switch between them by tapping the dropdown in the upper left corner of the account tab..

Is Tumblr dead?

But Tumblr is practically dead, and TikTok is very much alive. While a Tumblr spokesperson says that 48 percent of its current user base is Gen Z, it’s undeniable that the site’s total user numbers have dropped off in the past few years.

Does Tumblr delete inactive blogs?

Tumblr does not delete inactive accounts, but they do have a process for deleting spam accounts. If you want to delete your account, you can either email tumblr or request deletion through the website.

What has replaced Tumblr 2019?

See the given below are the best replacements for Tumblr or alternatives to Tumblr:

  1. WordPress. Yes, WordPress is a good Tumblr alternative.
  2. Blogger.
  3. Mastodon.
  4. Medium.
  5. Posthaven.
  6. Ghost.
  7. Typepad.
  8. Site123.

Is Tumblr popular 2022?

Over the course of the pandemic, Gen Z flocked to Tumblr; as of early 2022, 61% of its new users, and nearly half of its active users, are under 24. Tumblr today has more daily active users than WordPress, its professional sibling, has per month, according to a spokesperson.

Is Tumblr losing popularity?

From 2018 to 2019, the average number of unique monthly visitors to Tumblr’s website decreased by 21.2 percent, according to data compiled by the analytics service SimilarWeb.

How many users did Tumblr lose?

How many users did Tumblr lose? The numbers vary among sources—anywhere from 27% to 33%—but they all agree that losing a third of its users isn’t good for Tumblr’s profits. Tumblr not only lost users and site visitors, but it has also seen a drop in the length of page visits and the number of page views.

How is Tumblr doing now 2021?

Tumblr’s total web traffic is on the decline—January 2021 is down by 20.5 million visits from January 2020 —and not even the COVID-19 lockdown could drive visitors back to the once-popular blogging platform (SimilarWeb, 2021). What has changed are the social media sites visitors frequent.

How many users has Tumblr lost? In March 2019, SimilarWeb estimated Tumblr had lost 30% of its user traffic since December 2018, when the site had introduced a stricter content policy with heavier restrictions on adult content (which had been a notable draw to the service).

How do you know if you are Shadowbanned on Tumblr?

How to tell if your blog has been shadowbanned? And most of the things that happen during this state.

  1. NOTE: Others will be able to text you, and from their end Tumblr will show that the message has been sent and all is fine.
  2. NOTE: You’ll be able to receive asks.
  3. NOTE: Others won’t be able to tag you either.

What app is better than Tumblr?

Google Blogger is a free alternative to Tumblr that is owned by the tech giant Google. This platform has a web-based post editor and allows you to post up to 100 blogs per account. They have a good selection of easy-to-use templates, flexible layouts, and hundreds of background images to pick from.

What does it mean to be Shadowbanned on Tumblr?

What does shadowban exactly mean? Basically, your blog exists and mostly functions as it normally would, but Tumblr has made it invisible to everyone else. Tumblr lets you believe that everything is fine and that you can interact with others, but actually you can’t. (Look at the wikipedia definition here.)

Can Tumblr delete your account?

Tumblr does delete inactive accounts. But there is a grace period of a few months during which you can reactivate your account if you choose to. If you don’t reactivate it within that time frame. Your account will be permanently deleted.

Who uses Tumblr the most?

Tumblr is most popular with the 18-to-29 year old age bracket. About 13% of this demographic have used the site. 66% of all visitors are under the age of 35, while 39% are under 25 years-old. About 36% of users are parents.

Is Tumblr still popular 2021? Tumblr reports it has over 518.7 million blogs on its website as of February 2021. The figure is also the number of user accounts on the microblogging and social networking site. It publishes 12.8 million blog posts daily and has 327 million unique visits from users worldwide.

What words are banned on Tumblr? Here is a non-exhaustive peek at a few of the banned terms, which could result in a blog being flagged for deletion or completely shadowbanned: ACAB, selfie, bald, transphobia, 420, me, girl, about, dysphoria, Eugene Levy, trauma, and racism.

How do I get in contact with Tumblr? Yes, you can send an email directly to .

Email Tumblr Support from Help:

  1. From the top of your Desktop Dashboard, access Help.
  2. Tumblr Help page appears.
  3. The help results change, revealing a contact link at the bottom.

How do I Unflag my Tumblr account?

In “What’s going on?” select “Blog incorrectly marked as explicit.” In the box, provide a quick explanation of why you think your blog should be unflagged so we know what to look for. In “Relevant blog,” select the blog we should be looking at. Confirm your email address is the one you used to register your account.

What does shadow band mean?

Definition of shadow band

: one of a series of darkish narrow parallel bands seen to rush swiftly across the landscape just before or after totality in a solar eclipse probably due to optical effects of the earth’s atmosphere.

Can you view NSFW on Tumblr?

Tumblr’s Safe Mode is usable on both the online and mobile versions of the platform. To turn on Safe Mode, go under the settings and scroll down to Filtering. Filtering is found in Android’s General Settings. On iOS, you’ll scroll to Tumblr from your device’s main Settings app.

How long does it take for Tumblr support to reply?

Generally, you’ll receive a response within a day. During times of high ticket volume, it may take a bit longer. We don’t compromise quality for speed, so we appreciate your patience if it takes us a little longer than both of us would like. We are committed to treating each user as a person.

How long do you have to be inactive on Tumblr?

Tumblr started freeing up usernames on accounts without login activity for two years, then switched to one year of inactivity in March 2016. It’s been a Big Week on Tumblr!

What does Tumblr do to inactive accounts?

Tumblr does delete inactive accounts. But there is a grace period of a few months during which you can reactivate your account if you choose to. If you don’t reactivate it within that time frame. Your account will be permanently deleted.

Why do Tumblr accounts get deactivated?

Why Does Tumblr Deactivate Accounts? Tumblr deactivates accounts for different reasons as it has strict rules controlling the content posted on its platform. If you post violent or sensitive content, or if Tumblr thinks you’re a bot, it may choose to deactivate or suspend your account.

Is Tumblr still a thing 2021? According to Tumblr, revenue is up fifty-five per cent since July of 2021. Yet the company currently sees only around eleven million posts a day; Twitter, by comparison, is said to host five hundred million daily tweets.

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