How do I delete an empty album on my iPhone 8?

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How do I remove people and places album from iPhone?

In the Photos app, Tap Albums > Tap See All > Tap Edit. Then you will see the red minus sign to delete the albums..

How do I delete Albums from my iPhone ios 14?

How to delete Photo Albums from your iPhone and iPad

  1. Open the Photos app and tap on Albums from the bottom row.
  2. Tap on See All from the upper right.
  3. Now, tap on Edit.
  4. Tap the red minus button for the particular album.
  5. Tap on Delete Album.

How do I delete a folder in Apple Photos?

Open the Photos app on your Mac and click My Albums or the arrow next to My Albums in the sidebar. Control-click the folder you want to delete, then click Delete Folder. Click Delete to confirm.

Where is the delete folder on iPhone?

Part 1: Where is “Recently Deleted” Folder and How to Recover Them?

  1. Launch the Photo app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap “Albums” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Scroll down till you find the “Recently Deleted Album”

How do I delete a folder in iCloud Notes?

Delete a folder

  1. In Notes on, click the Action button. at the bottom of the folder list.
  2. Click. next to the folder you want to delete, then click Delete Folder. Notes in the folder you delete are moved to the Recently Deleted folder, where they remain for 30 days.

Are Apple notes free?

Apple Notes

The app comes free with macOS/iOS devices, and it does a great job of letting you type or take notes by hand. The app’s drawing features are also solid, making it easy to add sketches and illustrations to your notes.

How do I delete Notes on my iPhone but not iCloud?

So, if you want to delete notes on iPhone but not iCloud, go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Toggle Notes off > Choose Delete from My iPhone.

Where are my iPhone Notes?

Manually search for your notes

Open Notes, then tap the back icon. until you see your Folders list. If you have more than one folder, tap a different folder to see if your note is in there.

Can you find deleted Notes on iPhone? Here’s what you’ll need to do: Open the Notes app on your iPhone. Tap the “Back” arrow in the top left corner until you see the folders menu. Tap on “Recently Deleted.”

How do I delete a folder from my iPhone camera roll?

These folders can be deleted through the Edit button in the Photos app.

  1. Tap the “Photos” app on the iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap “Edit.” A red circle with a horizontal white line appears to the left of any folders that can be deleted.

How do I delete a file in Notes?

Click on the three dots on the top right of the note where you wish to delete the file, and select ‘Edit’. 2. You will now see trash cans next to the attachments. Click on the trash can and then select ‘Delete’.

How do I delete a note?


  1. Open the note you’d like to delete.
  2. Tap the More actions button (three dots), then select Delete note.

How do I delete an XR album from my iPhone?

To delete albums on your iPhone, open Photos and tap the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Sell All button next to My Albums. Then, tap Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Next, tap the red minus button in the upper left-hand corner of the album.

How do I delete photo folders from my iPhone 13?

  1. Open Photos and tap Albums. Open the Photos app and tap the Albums tab, which is third from the left along the bottom of the screen.
  2. My Albums and See All. Next to the My Albums heading, tap the See All button to reveal all of your albums.
  3. Edit and delete albums. Now tap Edit in the top right corner.
  4. Tap Done.

How do I delete photo folders from my iPhone 12? Question: Q: how to delete folder in photos in iphone

Answer: A: Answer: A: Open Photos ➔ Tap on Albums below ➔ See All ➔ Edit ➔ Tap on the red sign of an album ➔ Delete Album.

Why won’t my iPhone delete recently deleted photos? Most of the time, you cannot delete photos on your iPhone because they are synced with another device. If your photos are synced to your computer with iTunes or Finder, they can only be deleted by connecting your iPhone to your computer. If this is not the case, then iCloud Photos might be on.

Did Apple remove recently deleted? About Recently Deleted Album in iOS 12.

iPhone reclassifies all photo albums in iOS 12, the Recently Deleted Album no longer belongs to My Albums. It means that if you scroll to the right (even slightly), then you are no longer able to see ‘Recently Deleted album’.

How do I delete a folder on my iPhone notes?

Deleting a folder in the Notes app is as simple as swiping left on the folder you want to delete. In the Notes app navigate to the Folders section and swipe right to left to open the Delete option. Tap the “Delete” button and the folder will be deleted.

Where is my deleted photos album?

After tapping “Albums” at the bottom scroll directly down to the bottom of the list of albums. On no account tap the tempting red herring “See all” or you will have lost. Then the recently Deleted album should be there, even if it is empty.

Is there a deleted photos folder on iPhone?

Click on Albums, then scroll down to the Other Albums section. Keep scrolling to find the “Recently Deleted” folder to recover deleted photos. As long as it hasn’t been over 30 days since you deleted your photo, it should appear in this folder. After 30 days, photos are permanently deleted.

How do I rename a iPhone folder?

Rename a folder: Touch and hold a folder, tap Rename, then enter a new name. , then choose a new location. Or touch and hold the folder, then drag it to a new location.

How do I move notes from iCloud to iCloud?

Log out of your old Apple ID and into the new ID. Open Notability. Turn iCloud syncing on. Your notes will be uploaded to your new iCloud account.

How long do notes stay on iCloud?

The iCloud Notes you delete are supposed to be permanently wiped within 30 days. Gone forever, never to be seen again.

How do I delete pictures from my iPhone Notes?

If you added an image to note, you can remove it.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Keep app .
  2. Tap a note.
  3. Tap the photo.
  4. At the top right of the screen, tap More Delete .

How do I organize my iPhone Notes? To sort all of your notes automatically, go to Settings > Notes, and tap Sort Notes By. Then choose how you want to sort your notes.

How do I permanently delete photos from iPhone?

Here’s how to delete photos permanently:

  1. Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.
  2. Tap the Recently Deleted album, then tap Select.
  3. Tap the photos or videos that you want to delete or tap Delete All.
  4. Tap Delete again to confirm.

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