How do I clear Spotify data on iPhone?

by Alexis M.
How do I clear Spotify data on iPhone?

How to Clear Spotify Cache on an iPhone

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Choose the Home tab.
  3. Tap the gear icon.
  4. Select Storage.
  5. Touch the Delete Cache button.
  6. Tap Delete Cache again.


How do I clear my Spotify History 2021?

Tapping the X next to an entry will only delete that individual entry from the history. On the other hand, if you tap on the “Delete the most recent search results” button , the entire search history will be deleted. This procedure works with iOS as well as with Android smartphones.

How do you clear recently played on Spotify on iPhone 2021?

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify Iphone?

  1. To delete recently played songs on Spotify for iPhone.
  2. Open the app and tap on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down and select “History.”
  4. Under “Recently Played,” swipe left on each song to delete it.

Did Spotify remove recently played?

It was already possible to remove recently played items — and Spotify took this feature away for whatever reasons. Since Spotify runs on algorithms, if a friend sends an artist or song to check out and I’m not a fan of it, that music is now factored into the algorithm as something I’ve listened to.

How do I delete my Spotify account 2022?

How to Delete a Spotify Account

  1. On your computer browser, go toContact spotify support page.
  2. Click on Login in the upper right-hand corner and sign in to your account with your Spotify credentials.
  3. Click on close account.
  4. Confirm cancellation by clicking close account.

How do I clear my listening continue?

How can I remove something from my “Continue Listening” that I no longer want? In order to remove a show from the “Continue Listening” carousel on the Home page of Luminary, simply press and hold on the show’s artwork and select “Remove Podcast.”

Who has the most minutes on Spotify?

Back in the UK, it was recently revealed that Britain’s #1 Spotify user was a 20-year-old woman from Cambridgeshire named Regan, who had managed to clock up an incredible 230,664 minutes of music in the last 12 months.

How can I see old Spotify wraps?

But you can see your old Wrapped playlists via the Spotify website. Every Wrapped playlist gets saved to a specific URL, and opening that URL while you’re logged into your Spotify account will show you your Wrapped playlists.

How can I see my full Spotify history? You can view what songs you have listened to in the Desktop app, head into Play Queue and then click on History.

How do I remove Spotify from my iCloud?

Have you tried deleting it in settings? Go to the iPhone Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage (under Storage, not iCloud)>Spotify>Delete App. This will force a deletion of all local data.

How long does recently played stay on Spotify?

The new update will let users review their song and podcast for the past three months from the Recently Played tab on the home screen.

Why can’t I remove recently played on Spotify?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to clear your “Recently Played” list using the mobile app or Spotify web player, but clearing the entries using the desktop app will also remove them from any linked apps (including on mobile).

How do I delete recently played podcasts on Spotify?

open spotify again, tap on the same playlist. tap on the gear/settings icon, tap on Mark as played. then go ahead and tap on Mark as played again in order to remove the tick from all the episodes. tap on done, back out and close spotify.

What’s the oldest song on Spotify?

The oldest recording available on Spotify is a French compilation album titled Anthologie De La Chanson Française, which has recordings dating between 1900 and 1920.

Who is the #1 artist on Spotify? The Grammy winner is now the No. 1 artist on Spotify. The Weeknd had a triumphant weekend.

What is the least streamed song on Spotify? The least streamed songs from every album/mixtape (SPOTIFY)

  • Beauty Behind The Madness – As You Are (90,249,425)
  • Starboy – Love To Lay (112,630,529)
  • My Dear Melancholy, – Privilege (131,339,249)
  • After Hours – Until I Bleed Out (58,748,586)
  • After Hours Deluxe – Final Lullaby (38,195,838)

How do you delete recently played on Spotify 2022?

Look through the content you’ve recently listened to in the “Recently Played” area for the song, playlist, album, or podcast you want to delete. Right-click on the cover or hover your cursor over it and click the “…” button. 4. Select “Remove from Recently Played” from the drop-down menu.

How long have I listened to Spotify 2021?

It’s the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. Tap See how you listened in 2021. You’ll see this at the top of the Search screen. This opens Spotify Wrapped.

Which song is most played on Spotify?

“Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran is the most-streamed song on Spotify with over 3 billion streams.

Can you tell how many times you’ve listened to a song on Spotify?

You can check out your own personal listening stats at or on the Spotify app, which include your most-listened-to artists, songs, genres of music, and podcasts, plus how many minutes of music you’ve listened to — all of which you can share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

How do I delete my Spotify account on mobile 2021?

Once you’ve gone over all the details and are sure that you want to permanently delete your Spotify account, open the Spotify website in your browser of choice and log in to your account. Next, open Spotify’s Customer Support page. Here, click the “Account” button. Select the “I Want To Close My Account” option.

How do I delete my Spotify account on mobile?

To delete your Spotify account, you’ll need to open the Spotify website in an internet browser. You can’t delete your Spotify account from the mobile app. If you’re subscribed to Spotify Premium, you’ll need to cancel your subscription before you can delete.

How long does it take to permanently delete Spotify account?

Accounts take up 7 days to completely disappear from Spotify from the date they were closed, so it’s odd that you and other users still can see it. You should contact Spotify Support again via the contact form, Facebook or Twitter asking why you can still see your closed account when you look it up on Spotify.

How do I find my history on Spotify? You can also find a truncated version of your listening history through the “Add Songs” section. You can do this on both an iPhone and Android device. 1. Start the Spotify app and tap “Library” at the bottom of the screen.

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