How do I automatically forward iMessages to another iPhone?

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Can a text message be forwarded?

Set up text message forwarding

  1. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. …
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding.*
  3. Choose which devices can send and receive text messages from your iPhone.


Can I forward text messages to another phone automatically?

Android message forwarding is done through the Google Voice app. Open the app and tap the menu to generate a list of options. Select Settings and navigate to the message settings. At this point, you have the option to forward text messages to linked numbers or an email address.

Can I see text messages from another iPhone?

You can view text messages on iCloud that you’ve received or sent to anyone on any synced device, at any time. As long as you have syncing turned on for each of your Apple devices, they will all be viewable in the Messages app, whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.

How can I access old iMessages?

To find old iMessages:

  1. Open Messages.
  2. Drag your finger downwards across the middle of your screen to reveal a search bar.
  3. Tap the Search Bar and type in keywords from the message, or the name of someone in the conversation.
  4. Tap Search.
  5. Select the message you were looking for to go to the conversation.

Can someone see my iMessages from another device?

1 Answer. Show activity on this post. They can only view this information if they are logged into your account on their iDevice. For example, an iPhone, iPad and MacBook all on the same account will receive all messages sent or received from the other machines (barring a lack of network connectivity).

How do I export an entire iMessage conversation?

With the conversation open, scroll up as far as the chat goes. If it’s years, this might take a while. Go to Print and select PDF or select all, copy and paste into a text document or spreadsheet program.

How do I download all iMessages?

How to save an entire text conversation on your iPhone

  1. Open the text chain you wish to preserve and hold a finger down on one of the texts in the conversation.
  2. Tap the “More…” option when it appears, then tap the circle to the left of each text and image you want to save.

Can I get a copy of iMessages?

Open the Messages on your iPhone or iPad. Touch a conversation in your message list. Touch and hold the chat bubble you’d like to copy. Choose “Copy” from the popup menu at the bottom.

How do I download an iMessage as a PDF? With the name of the sender or group selected, simply go to the File menu, choose Print, and select Save As PDF from the PDF dropdown menu at the bottom of the window. Acrobat will create and open the file for you — you can then save it to a location of your choice.

How do I forward iMessages to someone else?

How to forward a message on iPhone using the forwarding feature

  1. Type the message you wish to forward and send it. …
  2. Press and hold the message you wish to forward, then tap “More…” …
  3. Tap the forward button on the bottom right. …
  4. Type in the contact name you wish to forward the message to.

Are iMessages stored in iCloud?

According to Apple, iMessages in iCloud are updated automatically, so that any message shared on one of your Apple devices will be shared on all of them. Don’t worry, though, messages in iCloud are still end-to-end encrypted, meaning no one else (even Apple) can view them.

How do I recover iMessage conversations?

Act Quick and Turn Off iCloud

  1. Your Apple ID settings will open.
  2. Then tap the toggle for ‘Messages’ to turn it off.
  3. Tap ‘Disable and Download Messages’ on the pop up that appears.
  4. Recover Deleted Messages from iCloud Backup.
  5. Then, tap the option for ‘iCloud’.
  6. Tap the ‘Manage Storage’ option.
  7. Tap on ‘Backups’.

Can I get iMessage history from Apple?

View iMessage History from iCloud Backup. Step 1. From the main window, select “Recover from iCloud” and then click “Start.” Sign in to your iCloud account and then select “iCloud Backup” and click “Scan”.

How do I share iCloud messages?

Here’s what to do:

  1. On your current iPhone, tap Settings to open it.
  2. Tap your name.
  3. Tap iCloud.
  4. Move the Messages slider to on/green.
  5. On the new phone that you want to transfer the messages to, log into the same iCloud account and follow the same steps to enable Messages in iCloud.

How do I sync Imessages on my iPhone and iCloud? On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Turn on Messages. Any messages currently stored in iCloud are now accessible on your device, and any new messages you receive on your device will be stored in iCloud. To see messages stored in iCloud, open the Messages app.

How do I export a conversation from iMessage? With the conversation open, scroll up as far as the chat goes. If it’s years, this might take a while. Go to Print and select PDF or select all, copy and paste into a text document or spreadsheet program.

How do I keep my iPhone messages forever?

Can you forward iMessages automatically?

Text Forwarding for iPhone

Unlike Android phones, iPhones don’t currently have an app (even third party app) that can automatically forward text messages to another phone or an email. The only option you have is to have the same iMessages on two or more iDevices by logging in with the same Apple ID.

How do I find old Imessages on iCloud?

Open Settings, tap on your Apple ID card at the top, select iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups. You’ll see a list of backups for your devices and can tap on the one for your iPhone to see when it was last backed up.

Can you get iMessages on two phones?

iMessage syncs messages to all your devices that are interconnected to the same iMessage number and email account. This means your iPhone, iPad, and Mac can all send and receive iMessages, in real-time. This was part of Apple’s plan to integrate the service into all the devices that you’d be using.

How do I find old iMessages on iCloud?

Go through the first few steps, and on the Apps & Data screen, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. 7. Sign into iCloud to access your backups, then choose the last backup before you deleted the text messages you want to recover.

How long does Apple keep iMessages?

More of a revelation was the fact that Apple stores the information for 30 days. Choosing how to send messages is tricky and has caused Apple problems in the past, especially when a user switches from iPhone to Android.

Where are my iMessages in iCloud?

In the Messages app on your Mac, choose Messages > Preferences, then click iMessage. Select Enable Messages in iCloud. Any messages currently stored in iCloud are now accessible on your Mac, and any new messages you receive on your Mac will be stored in iCloud. To see Messages stored in iCloud, open the Messages app.

Can I share an iMessage conversation?

Tap on the curved arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen, then enter the phone number or email address that you wish to send the text the conversation to. 4. You can also hold a finger down on the new text message and tap “Copy” to copy it for pasting elsewhere on your iPhone, such as into an email or a note.

When you delete Imessages Are they gone forever? With Messages in iCloud enabled, if you delete a message in one place, it deletes everywhere.

Can police read iMessages?

Apple emphasized that because iMessages are encrypted, the company is not able to give police access to the content of conversations.

Is iMessage a data or SMS? Chances are, you’ll end up using both: iMessage with your iPhone friends and SMS messages with your Android friends. However, iMessage does use data, so if you are on a monthly data plan but have unlimited SMS text messages, you may want to stick with SMS.

Where are iPhone texts stored?

Tap the “Messages” icon from the home screen of your iPhone to access your stored text messages. The application will display all text messages sent and received in chronological order. Tap a text message to display the entire text message thread.

How do I save iMessages from my iPhone and keep them on iCloud? You need to go to settings – iCloud and toggle off Messages. If you delete that thread it will be local to your device but that thread will still remain in Messages in iCloud since you haven’t deleted it from there. Just remember if you turn it back on on that very same device the thread will show up again.

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