Can you ship a day late on StockX?

by Alexis M.

Conversation. You have two business days to ship all sold items..

Does StockX give you an extra day to ship?

We do not have the capability to add expedited shipping at this time. We will continue to do everything in our power to authenticate and fulfill your order as quickly as possible. Did this information resolve your issue?

Can StockX order be Cancelled?

Once your Bid has been accepted by a Seller, your order cannot be canceled. This keeps offers real, active and dependable, which fosters seller trust in the marketplace and ultimately leads to more items being offered on StockX, which is good for Buyers.

Is StockX expected delivery date accurate?

Nope. Think of it this way. 3 days for them to receive the item. 1-2 days for them to validate the authenticity, then 3 more days for them to get to your door.

Can you cancel a sell on StockX?… We do not allow sellers to cancel an order once it is confirmed. Please reach out to if you have any additional questions.

How long does StockX take to ship 2021?

Finally, when an item ships to you, you can expect normal carrier shipping times through services like UPS. So depending on when the original seller ships the item to StockX along with how quickly StockX can authenticate, it should take about 3-5 days for StockX to ship your item.

Is Saturday a business day for StockX?

Hey there, business days are Monday-Friday. Please see the link below to learn more. You can always reach out to with any additional questions.

How often does StockX fake?

When StockX started two years ago, about 15 percent of the sneakers it received from sellers turned out to be replicas or fakes. Nowadays, the company says that figure is down to about 2 percent. StockX bans sellers from its platform that willfully or repeatedly attempt to sell fakes.

Is StockX better than GOAT? Speaking of interface/navigability, GOAT offers a better user interface than StockX. You can buy new or used sneakers wherever you are, and it’s a simple process that anyone can understand for the first time.

Why is StockX shipping so slow?

StockX is experiencing delays in shipping and authenticating as well as in payouts for buyers and sellers. The company confirmed on its website that shipments could be delayed for two to three weeks because of high demand and COVID-19 headwinds.

Which ships faster goat or StockX?

they both do 2-3 day shipping.. you do realize the item has to be shipped to them and it’s not in their stock. depending on how soon the seller ships and where they’re located relative to them it would take 1-3 days for seller to ship. 2-3 days to arrive to GOAT/Stockx, 2-3 days to legitcheck/process.

How long does StockX take to ship 2022?

Generally, StockX is taking 7-12 business days to ship the products in 2022 however this does not include holidays or weekends. This StockX shipping time ranges from order placement to collecting the products from the sellers and verifying them.

Can you get scammed on StockX?

Now with StockX, you’re guaranteed that the goods you purchase are 100% verified authentic, never fake. Every item bought and sold on StockX goes through a rigorous authentication process, putting the hammer down on scammers and bootleggers.

Why is StockX so cheap?

StockX makes its money through transactions fees. Sellers are charged at 9.5% transaction fee which decreases as the seller sells more merchandise. 15. The most expensive Air Jordan’s ever on StockX went for $104,000.

Do you get your money back if you lose a bid on StockX? StockX on Twitter: “@RayDirtyH @Tyler_Barsaloux @ComplexSneakers @Complex if you Bid and are not selected as the winner, you will not lose any money.” / Twitter.

Does StockX deliver on Saturdays? Unfortunately not! Because Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days, StockX nor the sellers on the marketplace are required to ship out products on weekends.

Can I cancel a sell on StockX?… We do not allow sellers to cancel an order once it is confirmed. Please reach out to if you have any additional questions.

How do I contact a StockX seller?

You must be logged in to your StockX account and once signed in, you can initiate the chatbot by clicking the chat icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to open a chat window: From here, you will be able to ask specific questions or enter the issue you’re having.

Can you return fake shoes on StockX?

According to Section 6 of the StockX Terms and Conditions, StockX will refund all fees and costs paid by the buyer for a counterfeit item, including shipping and handling fees. In exchange, the company asks that the buyer notify them within 3 days of receiving the item.

How long does it take StockX to reply?

typical response time is 1-2 hours. Also check your spam and email tabs for all replies from us just to be safe.

Does StockX refund?

What is StockX return policy for wrong sizes? We are unable to give refunds, exchanges, or swaps due to the anonymous nature of their live market, including if you purchased the wrong size. If you no longer desire your item, you’re still able to resell with them.

Are there fake shoes on StockX?

StockX receives a pair of shoes resold on its platform and verifies that the shoes are authentic, even adding a special tag to mark their veracity. Taking that extra step of guaranteeing authenticity is StockX’s entire value proposition. But it also increases their legal vulnerability to a counterfeiting claim.

Is StockX authentication reliable?

The short answer is yes – it’s 100% legit! With over 1,000 employees, six authentication centres, operating in almost 200 countries, StockX is definitely the real deal, so if you’re on the hunt for that sneaker grail, a luxury watch, or even a sought-after collectible, it’s definitely the first place you should look!

Can you return on StockX? Due to the anonymous nature of our live market, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swaps—including if you ordered the wrong size. The good news is you can always resell with us if you no longer want your item.

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