Can you cancel Starz anytime?

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How do I cancel Starz on Amazon Prime Canada?

A Starz subscription costs $8.99 a month, and you cancel it at any time..

Can you cancel Starz play after free trial?

You can cancel your Service subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to the Service through the end of your billing period. To cancel, go to the “Account Management” page of the Service and follow the instructions for cancellation.

How do I cancel my Starz 7 day free trial?

How to cancel Starz

  1. Log into your Starz account.
  2. Select the gear icon in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select Subscriptions.
  4. Select Cancel my subscription.

How do I cancel my Starz number?

9.2 Subscription Fee and Payment Method: For questions related to your Subscription Fee, Payment Method or other matters relating to billing, please contact your Distributor or if you subscribed directly you can email us at or call us at 855.247. 9175.

Is Starz free with Amazon Prime?

Is STARZ Included With Amazon Prime? Unfortunately, STARZ does not come free with Amazon Prime and we have not seen any discounts or STARZ coupons at Amazon. You can subscribe to the STARZ channel on Amazon Prime for $8.99 a month.

How do I cancel Starz on Amazon Prime Canada?

Go to Your Prime Video, under Accounts and Lists. Go to Accounts and Settings under your Prime Video profile picture. Go to Channels. Choose Cancel Channel next to STARZ.

How do I cancel Starz on my Firestick?

How do I cancel Starz on my Firestick?

  1. To cancel your Starz subscription, you will need to go to the settings section on your Firestick.
  2. From there, scroll down to the “My Subscriptions” menu and select “Cancel.
  3. Starz is one of the most popular streaming services.

What does Starz cost on Amazon Prime?

The latest perk, exclusively for Prime members, is a limited-time deal that brings down the price of streaming platform Starz to only $0.99 per month.

How much is Starz on Amazon Prime? The latest perk, exclusively for Prime members, is a limited-time deal that brings down the price of streaming platform Starz to only $0.99 per month. Starz would normally cost $7.99 a month, either on its independent website or through Prime Video Channels.

How do I cancel Amazon Starz on my Iphone?

Scroll down to “Digital Content and Devices”. Click on “Apps and more” under that heading. On the left of the screen under the heading “Manage” click on “Your Subscriptions” and you will see the Starz subscription with a box on the right labeled “Actions”. Turn off Auto-renewal.

How do I log someone out of my Starz account?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Sign Out all devices.
  3. Click ‘Sign out all devices’ To remove all devices from the list of authorized devices you will need to confirm and delete all titles for any device on this list.

How do I cancel Starz on Amazon Prime?

How to cancel Starz on Amazon Prime Video Channels

  1. Go to and log in with your account info.
  2. Click on “Account & Lists” in the upper right area of the site header.
  3. Scroll down to “Memberships and Subscriptions,” then click on “Prime Video Channels.”
  4. In the Starz section, click “Cancel Channel.”

How do I cancel my Starz subscription on Xbox one?

You can try to cancel from Services & Subscriptions page on Microsoft. or reach out directly to Starz and cancel.

Why is Roku charging me every month?

Even the Roku channel is free. If you see a recurring charge on your credit card billing statement, it means that you have subscribed to a paid or premium subscription (or someone with access to your Roku player has signed up for a channel).

Where do I find my subscriptions on Roku? Press the Star button on your remote to open the options menu for the desired channel. Partner subscription channel: Select Manage subscription to view the renewal date and access additional options. The Roku Channel: Select Manage subscriptions to see a list of all Premium Subscriptions on The Roku Channel.

How do I manage my subscriptions on Roku? How To Manage Channel Subscriptions On Roku

  1. Go to your Roku Home screen.
  2. Find a subscribed channel using the arrow buttons on the remote.
  3. Press the Star (*) button on your Roku TV remote.
  4. Select Manage Subscriptions where you can see all your current subscriptions along with their renewal date.

How do I cancel Starz on Amazon Prime? Cancel Your Prime Video Channel Subscription

  1. Go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels and select Prime Video Channels.
  2. Find the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Channel and confirm.

How do I talk to someone at Starz?

We can be reached 24/7/365 via email and feedback forms in the apps. Email us at You can also tweet us @STARZHelp.

How do I cancel Starz on my Android?

How to Cancel Starz Subscription on Android

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.
  2. Select the Menu icon.
  3. Tap Subscriptions.
  4. Choose Starz.
  5. Tap the Cancel button.
  6. Select Yes to confirm you would like to cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel Starz trial on Roku?

Cancel or unsubscribe from a mobile device or PC

  1. Go to on your computer or smartphone.
  2. If prompted, sign into your Roku account.
  3. Scroll down and select Manage your subscriptions.
  4. Locate the channel under Active Subscriptions and select Cancel subscription.
  5. Select a cancelation reason to complete the process.

How do I cancel Starz on Roku?

Unsubscribe with a Roku Device

  1. Launch your Roku player.
  2. Press the “Home” button on your Roku remote.
  3. Select the Channel Store menu.
  4. Go to “Streaming Channels.”
  5. Find the “Starz” icon on the channel list.
  6. Press the asterisk (*) icon on your remote.
  7. Select “Manage subscription.”
  8. Select “Unsubscribe.”

Is Starz free on Netflix?

Access to the Starz Play service at Netflix will be included with Netflix members’ current monthly subscription fee. The deal adds significantly to a growing library of over 12,000 choices of movies and TV episodes that can be watched instantly at Netflix.

What is the cheapest way to get Starz?

Starz has a current deal where users can subscribe to the service for $3 per month for six months. The price, which is 66 percent off of the usual rate, saves users about $5.99 per month or $36 in total from Starz’s regular price of $8.99 per month.

Is Starz cheaper through Amazon?

The latest perk, exclusively for Prime members, is a limited-time deal that brings down the price of streaming platform Starz to only $0.99 per month.

Is Starz app free with cable subscription? Free for pay TV subscribers.

If you already have Starz as part of a TV package, you can access the app for free by logging in with your TV provider.

How much is Starz app a month?

STARZ Plans and Subscription Packages

Plan Price
STARZ $8.99 per month

Dec 7, 2021

How long is Starz free trial on Amazon Prime? The Starz and Amazon Prime Channels have an agreement that allows Amazon Prime members to have a 7-day free trial period for Starz.

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