Can I cancel Patreon before charge?

by Maria Feer
Can I cancel Patreon before charge?

If you cancel and rejoin within the 1st month of your year, you won’t pay any additional membership fee. If you cancel and then upgrade your tier, we’ll credit the amount you already paid the creator at checkout, and you’ll pay the remaining cost..

How do I remove my card from Patreon?

Make sure you’re logged into Patreon. Click on this link: In the box that has your card information, click on the down arrow at the right side of the box. Click on “delete card.” You will be asked to confirm.

What happens if you cancel Patreon?

After you cancel your membership, you will no longer have access to the creator’s patron-only posts or benefits without an active membership. You can repledge to regain access. Any posts you had access to while you had an active memberships are listed on your billing history.

Is Patreon safe?

For a subscriber, Patreon is perfectly safe to use. This is a trusted, professional company that is motivated to help artists and other creatives to be able to afford to focus on their projects. Subscribers get to choose between three levels of subscription. The lowest-priced tier will be your basic subscription.

How long do Patreon refunds take?

Creators can issue refunds from their Patron Relationship Manager (RM). Here’s our guide to refunding a patron, if you need assistance with that. Once a refund is issued, it can take up to 10 business days to process.

Should you charge up front Patreon?

Charge upfront is a great option to consider if you: Have an extensive catalog/library of content fans can access as soon as they become patrons. Want your patrons to get rewards faster. You can fulfill physical reward distribution closer to when a Patron joins instead of waiting until the end of the month.

What company owns Patreon?

It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art. The company, started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013, is based in San Francisco.


Screenshot A Patreon page from January 20, 2018
Current status Active

What is Patreons cut?

The platform fee (or the percentage of your earnings that Patreon takes) varies from 5% to 12% depending on the plan you pick. There is an additional payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for donations over $3. 5% + $0.10 for donations of $3 or less.

How much do Youtubers make on Patreon? In the same article, Patreon explains that in a typical reward tiers structure of $2, $5, $10, $25, and $100, the average user will pay around $7 per month. This gives us expected earnings of about $28 per 1,000 YouTube subscribers per month (4 patrons x $7 per month).

Can I refund my Patreon?

You can issue refunds from Patreon if you have available funds to cover the refund in your Patreon balance. You can refund any of a patron’s 3 most recent bills in full, within 3 months of their process date.

Is Patreon a monthly fee?

Patreon lets people financially support and reward content creators — such as podcasters, writers, and YouTubers — through a monthly subscription.

How does Patreon show up on Bill?

How Does Patreon Show Up On Bill? Each patron-only access is unlocked without an upfront fee. Once you join, the creator will charge you for the paid posts he or she makes. You can view your billing history by clicking on these bills.

Does Patreon renew every month?

Nothing would change for a creator’s existing patrons.

They would continue to be billed on the first of each month. New patrons who are subscribing to their first creator on Patreon would renew on the same day of the month they signed up.

Who is behind Patreon?

Patreon was co-founded in May 2013 by Sam Yam and musician Jack Conte, who was looking for a way to make a living from his YouTube videos.

How much does the average person make on Patreon? If most patrons pledge $2-10, it’s likely the average patron will pay roughly $7.

How to get an estimate of how much you could make on Patreon.

Size of following 30,000
Traffic to creator page 4,500
% of traffic that converts 1-5%
Average value per patron $7
Total monthly earnings $315 – $1575

• May 31, 2018

Why do Youtubers use Patreon? For creators, Patreon is a way to get paid for creating the things you’re already creating (webcomics, videos, songs, whatevs). Fans pay a few bucks per month OR per post you release, and then you get paid every month, or every time you release something new. Learn more about becoming a creator on Patreon HERE.

Why does Patreon renew on the first?

Their first payment grants them access to your backlog of creations and their membership. We then process patrons’ payments on the 1st of every month after that. Each 1st of the month charge gives them membership access for that month.

Who is the highest paid Patreon?

Who are the most popular creators on Patreon?

Creator Number of patrons (Monthly earnings if available)
Chapo Trap House 35,914 ($159,005)
The Tim Dillon Show 34,158 ($181,415)
DankPods 29,210
You’re Wrong About 28,604

• Jan 6, 2022

What is the problem with Patreon?

According to The Verge, some patrons reported problems with their payments going through, and even some of them being flagged as fraud, seemingly due to “a combination of banking issues and changes to internal company operations,” The Verge reported.

Can I chargeback on Patreon?

Patreon has a robust system in place to respond to chargebacks. Depending on the particular scenario, we would send the bank proof that the patron’s charge was legitimate, or that the product they ordered was delivered by the creator.

Can you get scammed on Patreon?

If someone is offering you a service in exchange for money, it most certainly is a scam. We would never ask you to pay us money in exchange for promotional services. Below is an example of a real scam email that has been sent to creators in the past: Are you being asked for sensitive information?

Does Patreon charge immediately?

Patrons can expect to be charged on the 1st of each month (after 12 AM PT) for their pledges. It usually takes a full 24-48 hours for all payments to process, so it may take a few days from the start of the month.

Should you use real name on Patreon?

Patrons can be anonymous, just as creators can, so their profile name may not be their actual name. The tier that your patron is currently on. Your patron’s shipping address, if they’ve provided one. Their current payment amount.

Can Patreon people see your email? When you are a patron of a creator, we provide the following information to them: Your username (also displayed for anyone who lands on your profile) Email address. Membership level.

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